Hunter beach watch with David Anderson

Beach watch

SWELLS have dropped and we’ll have small onshore waves for next couple of days.There are some okay shore breaks on the fuller tides early morning and late afternoon. Swell from the SSE at 0.5 to 1m. Winds light S/E to East tending N/E. Conditions not quite as choppy early but not too consistent with the full tide. Water is clean and clear with a slightly warmer current. Better swimming conditions but stick to the flags. Water temperature 19 degrees.


Hunter boating

Winds: East to south-easterly 10 to 15 knots tending east to north-easterly below 10 knots in the evening. Seas: Below 1 metre. Swell: Southerly below 1 metre. Weather: Partly cloudy. 20 per cent chance of a shower offshore north of Norah Head, near zero chance elsewhere.

Newcastle shipping


Yesterday: GL Pirapo 2am, Chin Shan 3.54am, Corona Infinity 5.15am, Houyo 11.45am, Jin Lang 1pm, Maipo River 4.45pm, Medi Lausanne 6.45pm, Moonbright SW 10pm. Today: BBC Asia 1.45am, Brilliant Century 6.30am, Minoan Courage 9.15am, Jaeger 9.45am, CMB Chardonnay 1.15pm, Jal Vaibhav 4pm, NSU Newstar 4.58pm, Hokuriku Maru 9.45pm, ICS Silver Lining 10.30pm, Robin Wind 11.15pm.


Yesterday: CMB Chardonnay 7.54am, NSU Newstar 9.20am, Challenge Pacific 10.12am, Brilliant Century 11.25am, Jaeger 12.30pm, Minoan Courage 2.30pm, Omicron Sky 3pm, Densa Falcon 5.45pm, Jal Vaibhav 8.45pm. Today: Hokuriku Maru 2.45am, ICS Silver Lining 4.30am, Robin Wind 7.45am, New Joy 11.15am, Minami 11.45am, Chokang Sunrise 2.30pm, An Ho 6.30pm, Industrial Dolphin 11pm, Tien Fei 11.30pm.


Air quality

Wallsend Very good

Newcastle Very good

Beresfield Very good

Muswellbrook Good

Singleton Very good