Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

IT seems we're in a period of time where this direct democracy is in vogue among our elected leaders.  Before this, no doubt brief, bubble bursts, may I suggest another question be asked? Should the sale, import or supply of tobacco be outlawed for anyone born after 2000? I'm pretty sure even the smokers among us would get on board. 

Josh Starks, Fennell Bay

RECENTLY my wife was renewing her passport and came across an old one (1967) that had "British Passport" on the front. It turns out that all Australians were "British subjects" (Citizenship Act 1948) until changed by the Labor government in 1984. If this is true, then all MPs with parents born before 1947 are not eligible to serve in parliament.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth, Hamilton

LET all the politicians who are found to be citizens of another country be sent to Manus Island until they can show that they are indeed genuine Aussies.

Paul Sutcliffe, Fern Bay

IN reply to Mick Miller (Short Takes, 11/11) well said. I could not have said it better. I have been a union member for over 50 years. Oh and I would not have replied to Tony Cooper.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

SURELY now it must be time for our American friends to discuss gun control, but I'll bet they don't.  How very, very sad.

John Lawton, Belmont

BEFORE ratepayers do their usual council bashing, do everyone a favor and check if the road is a Roads and Maritime Services responsibility.

Peter Grant, Speers Point

SCOTT Dwyer (Short Takes, 11/11) apparently thinks politicians can be taken at their word on the detention camps. If they are so good, would it not have saved all this by allowing independent media teams on to provide visual evidence, so people can see for themselves?

Allan Earl, Thornton

COME Wednesday we should know the result of the plebiscite, but will we be any wiser? If it's a close count either way, what percentage is needed to avoid further discussion. Maybe the plebiscite is just the beginning of more to come. Maybe just a conscience vote for members using plebiscite numbers as a reference or guide. Maybe we should have avoided confusion by just saying yes with each marriage defining gender partnership, for easy recognition, and future planning as in the census requirements. 

Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek


WHICH manufacturer’s badge will take home the Newcastle 500 Supercars title?

Holden 63%, Ford 32%, Nissan 5%

IS the current real estate market forcing you out?

Yes. Prices are too high 55%

I can break even, but I'm not getting ahead 13%

Prices are fine. I have room to grow my investments 32%