Jonathan Burrows' entry 'Circus Avalon' given top prize at Newcastle's short film festival | PHOTOS, VIDEO

BEHIND THE CIRCUS: Jonathan Burrows' entry into the Real Film Festival focused on John Campbell's Circus Avalon.
BEHIND THE CIRCUS: Jonathan Burrows' entry into the Real Film Festival focused on John Campbell's Circus Avalon.

The Real Film Festival invited film producers to “create a short film that shares the best story of one of [Newcastle’s] many business operators”, and showcase why the company has stayed in town.

It was Jonathan Burrows – an editor and animation director by trade – that answered the question: “Why Newcastle?”

Burrows’ short film entry, titled Circus Avalon, was an idea that the editor had to showcase the circus, so it was a surprise when the debut director’s piece was named overall winner, earning $15,000 in cash and prizes.

“It was a fantastic way to showcase some great things in Newcastle, and I thought that doing a piece on [Circus Avalon] would be a bit ‘out of the box’,” Burrows said of the category. “I heard about it all really late and I was trying to think of something more interesting than the usual, so I definitely didn’t expect to win.”

Burrows’ debut entry focuses on John Campbell, a man who has been involved in the circus for more than fifteen years through training and travelling.

“I think that the community that Campbell is a part of is really supportive and creative and I wanted to give them the focus that they deserved,” he said. “The whole focus of the competition was showcasing a unique business, and showing why they are doing work in Newcastle.”

“That’s one reason why I loved doing this so much, it shows off all these amazing people who deserve to be in the spotlight for their loyalty to Newcastle.”

Taking out the top spot was a shock for Burrows, who joined the competition just to share the story of John Campbell and his circus.

“I haven’t really entered anything like this before. I wanted to do something interesting and I had to be creative,” he said. “John conveyed the ideas really well and it was an interesting piece, so I’m glad that it all came across okay. I’m just happy I got it in.”

“I was drawn to the concept of the competition. There’s so many great communities in Newcastle that have stories worth telling.”

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Full Nominee List

Why Newcastle:

  • Adam Khamis with Laughs of Steel
  • Jonathan Burrows with Circus Avalon

Real Stories (13-18 year-old):

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  • Jack Soepono with Tom

Real Stories (Open):

  • Derek Griffith with Kurzeme Fortress
  • Demitris Katsimiris with Mum, I’m Back

Threatened Species:

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  • Jordan Delvescovo & Riyan Manakau with Ocean
  • Daniel Bell with Fractured Future

Future Energy:

  • Stephen Hester with Solar Energy 
  • Samuel Hancock with Cut The Power 
  • Peter Hyslop with Renewable Energy