Darth Vader will become Santa Claus in a unique Christmas photo shoot in Newcastle

It’s time to shake up Christmas.

We know tradition is important when it comes to the big day.

All we’re saying is that sometimes a new tradition is needed.

This is where Star Wars fanatic Glen Fredericks comes in.

Glen, who owns The Empire Coffee Co at Honeysuckle, reckons it’s time for a different approach to the standard Christmas photo.

He’s planning to set up Christmas “Santa” photos with Darth Vader instead of Saint Nick.

Topics: Why Vader?

Glen: Why not.

“Who wouldn't want to sit on Vader's knee for a memorable photo? And Star Wars fans hardly need a reason or excuse,” Glen said.

That’s very true.

So, why do some people love Vader?

“I really like his no-nonsense leadership approach,” Glen said.

“Overall though, bad guys of the Star Wars universe have had quite an appeal to fans and the general public.

“People who haven’t watched the movies – no matter what their age – know who Darth Vader is, and recognise stormtroopers.” 

Glen is planning the photo session this weekend. Only thing is, he doesn’t have a large wooden chair to seat Vader Claus [or is it Darth Santa?].

Photos won’t cost much and the event will raise money for the Black Dog Institute.

Oh, Glen also wants to wish everyone a Merry Sithmas.

If you can help him find a Santa seat, drop him an email at theempirecoffeeco@gmail.com or call the cafe on 4913 5741.

A Kransky Christmas

The Kransky sisters will perform their funny show at Lizotte's on Wednesday.

The Kransky sisters will perform their funny show at Lizotte's on Wednesday.

Speaking of different approaches to Christmas, the Kransky sisters will be in town on Wednesday. 

They’re playing a show at Lizotte’s Newcastle, titled A Very Kransky Christmas. 

The oddball sisters have promised to share their Christmas culture of egg nog, pantyhose and painted chokos.

Their repertoire includes Enya, Silent Night, Daft Punk and The Twelve Days Of Christmas. 

Their instruments are just as bizarre. They include a cheese grater, a toilet brush and a tuba.

The misfit band has been described as a “goth spinster trio” and a “cross between the Sugababes and the Addams Family”.

They’ve also been likened to Hunter S. Thompson on acid at a Country Women’s Association convention. 

If you like deadpan humour, this is your thing.

Dodgy Christmas Presents

A DVD about the United States that a reader once received for Christmas.

A DVD about the United States that a reader once received for Christmas.

It’s said that men can do their Christmas shopping for 25 relatives in 25 minutes on Christmas Eve.

This might be true for some, but Topics recommends starting a tad earlier.

So, what to buy in an era when almost everyone has almost everything?

Economists say the best Christmas gift is cash. Merry Cashmas everyone!

It’s funny how people often buy presents for others that they’d want for themselves.

And we’ve all received those “interesting” Christmas gifts.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?

One reader told us about an “interesting” Christmas present he received from his dad some years ago.

It was a DVD about America, titled How The States Got Their Shapes.

“It’s still in its wrapper. I found it the other day,” the reader said.

“I’m gonna give it back to my dad this Christmas as a joke and see if he recognises it.”

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? Let us know at topics@theherald.com.au.