Dream Big is the theme of Newcastle's new logo

Dream big, people.

That’s the message of Newcastle City Council’s new logo. 

London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and ... Newy. That has a ring to it, don’t ya think?

Council interim chief executive officer Jeremy Bath said the Dream Big logo was “the work of council’s communications team”.

“They've done a great job creating a logo that perfectly captures the energy and vision of the city,” Jeremy said.

“It's a bit light-hearted, but still makes the point that Newcastle is bold and ambitious.”

Jeremy presented the campaign to elected councillors three months ago.

“What a mistake,” he said.

“They loved it so much, they’ve been telling me weekly that we have to launch it.

“With Supercars bringing the city to an all-time high, we think now is the perfect time to launch the Dream Big campaign.”

A Proud Novocastrian

New Lambton’s Ross Greig noticed that some people were saying that the Supercars event would “put Newcastle on the map”.

“This is not making a judgement on the car race as an event, but I’ve lived here all my life and this city has been on the map for 200 years,” Ross said.

“It annoys me that people think this is the only thing that’s ever happened in Newcastle. I’ve seen things happen here all my frigging life.”

Ross then proceeded to reel off a list of big events in Newcastle’s history.

“Have they forgotten the Word War II Japanese bombing? Funnily enough one of the shells lobbed in the East End. It was a forerunner of things to come, I suppose. That was 1942.

“Then we had the Maitland flood. I know Maitland is on the outskirts of Newcastle the city, but the response was a combined effort of Newcastle and Maitland. That made international headlines in 1955.

“The Sygna shipwreck at Stockton was in 1974. Then we had the Star Hotel riot in 1979. That put Newcastle on the map, but not for the right reasons – it depends if you like pub riots or not.”

Then there was the Newcastle earthquake in 1989.

“Sadly that wasn’t the way you want to be remembered, but that put Newcastle on the map,” Ross said.

“Then we had the Pasha Bulker run aground in 2007. That was quirky and unusual. That put Newcastle on the world map.”

Surfest, which began in 1985, also put us on the map. And who could forget Silverchair.

“We had Silverchair on the Letterman show in ‘97. That put Newcastle as a musical city on the map, which we always knew we had. You’ve only got to look at that book, Rock This City – Live Music in Newcastle, 1970s-1980s.

“Newcastle Knights won two grand finals [in 1997 and 2001]. That put us on the sporting map nationally.

“And the Newcastle Jets won the grand final in 2008.”

Ross also pointed out that Newcastle hosted matches for soccer’s Asian Cup in 2015.

And in September, Newcastle hosted the Matildas 3-2 win against Brazil. The crowd of 16,829 was a record for a Matildas game.

Topics reckons Ross is right. Saying an event will “put Newcastle on the map” kinda makes us seem like we’re desperate for attention. 

Perhaps when Newcastle experiences its next big event, we need a new phrase to describe it. So what can we say instead of “this will put Newcastle on the map”?

How about this will “build on Newcastle’s reputation as a modern city” or “boost Newcastle’s reputation as a prime spot for big events”.

Geez, what’s happening to us. We feel like we’re turning into a public relations official for Newcastle.

Suiting Up

Speaking of promoting Newcastle, Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes donned a very fashionable and flash Supercars race suit at a council meeting this week.

Nuatali Nelmes at a council meeting in a Supercars race suit.

Nuatali Nelmes at a council meeting in a Supercars race suit.

We note that the sponsor of her suit is Brand Newcastle – that colourful and clever design done some years ago.

The various colours on the logo represent the city’s industries and icons: mining, retail, medical research, beaches, sport, heavy industry, the financial and legal sector, environment, academia and the arts.

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