Newcastle Herald Short Takes November 30 2017

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WHILE the Supercars circus was in town on the weekend I was glued to a true sporting contest in which the participants only had access to a bat and a ball. For those of us blessed with a longer attention span it was compelling watching Smith's artistry, the brutal fast bowling and the courage from some of the English. Reality TV at its very finest.

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

LET me get this straight. They’re going to demolish the Queens Wharf tower (“Tower on its last legs”, Herald 29/11) because it’s ugly, or is it because people can’t get their brains above their belts?

Peter Grant, Speers Point

IF the Queens Wharf tower has to come down (“Tower on its last legs”, Herald 29/11) it could be a good idea, as it’s on the water, to put it on a barge. Tow it out to sea, turn it into a fish reef and add more as time goes on – boats, trains, planes. Great for tourism.

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

TO Les Hutchinson (Letters, 29/11): if you’re a native to Britain you are British, a native to Canada you are Canadian. Myself being born in Australia from Australian parents makes me a native Australian. Therefore I believe I can be classed as an indigenous Australian, and I have no problem with celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of January.

Brad Hill, Singleton

IS anyone else sick of seeing discarded dirty nappies littered around the car park of Lambton Pool and surrounds? How about you put them in the bin or take them home? Set an example for kids instead of passing on your self-entitled mentality. Not hard.

Ann Walker, Lambton

REGARDING the port helicopter (Letters 29/11), perhaps it will be able to help showcase our area to the cruise ship passengers, saving them a long bus trip? A shuttle service by air to the vineyards with a commentary on the views sounds like perfect way to showcase our area to cruise passengers in the short time they are in port.

Graham Fox, Clarence Town

IN my profession I'm required to do work in people's houses on a daily basis. To put people at ease, as a stranger in their house, I break the ice by bringing up the latest news. I've noticed at least 90% of people don't care about royal babies, royal weddings and so on. I wonder why the media goes into meltdown when people just don't care. As one old bloke stated maybe coverage of world champion marbles will be next.         

Rick Sharp, Belmont

I WOULD like to thank all the people from Mount Hutton and Jewells shopping centres who generously donated to my Multiplying Gift Appeal for World Vision. With your help I raised over $600 which is equal to over $6000 worth of food aid. I’d like to say a very big thank you to you all! 

Adrian Pypers, Redhead 


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