Newcastle Herald Short Takes December 1 2017

THE Queen’s Wharf tower was but a bit of decorative glitz and we need not fight to retain it. However, the facade of The Store is a different matter, as it has deep design and social links to our Newcastle heritage. The retention of this facade is totally feasible given a bit of imagination and commitment by the developers and must be a key element of the forthcoming development.

David Rose, Hamilton 

WHOOPS, perhaps the Flight Centre advertisement for cheap trips to Bali in the middle of the news report on the chaos caused by the erupting volcano was somewhat inappropriate but it did make me laugh.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

ANYONE who listened to Senator Jordan Steele-John's inaugural speech to the Senate should be eminently aware there is great hope for Australia's future. What a remarkable man.

John Lawton, Belmont

TO the sultan of solar, my backyard is as big as Germany. I could power it with Pete Garrett dancing on a treadmill. Australia is a tad bigger, however the price of beer is the most important issue in the power struggle.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

KEITH Parsons (Letters, 30/11): You are correct, the massive crowds at the Supercars event were well behaved in general. I was, however, surprised that no one was charged with the old offence of being a public nuisance.

Brad Hill, Singleton

YOUR sweeping aerial cover shot of glorious Newcastle for the Supercars pictorial special (‘Vroom with a view’, Herald 30/11) shows the extent of loss, of stylish Newcastle station, ideally positioned to play a vital role in the city's progress, being cut off the Sydney rail system. High speed rail networks are not brought into city centres for nothing. It's the business train’s turn.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

WE have already had the truncation. Now we’ll have the castration.

Peter Ronne, Woodberry

WE walked and drove around greater Newcastle for two days and counted 67 “phallic” monuments. Is the council planning to remove all of them? Queen’s Wharf tower is Newcastle personified, it’s easily worth $1.6 million!

Geoff and Julia Lawrence, Cooks Hill

DOES Senator Dastyari realise that there are other countries with cultures thousands of years old and borders along the South China Sea that have rights under international law as well as China?

Keith Parsons, Newcastle


SHOULD East End residents be compensated if they need to spend the weekend away from home?

Yes 61%, No 39%

WHAT do you think of on-demand buses?

It will never work 40%, Best thing since sliced bread 32%, Good news for commuters but nothing special 22%, No one will use it 6%


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