Newcastle Herald Short Takes for Saturday December 2 2017

I would like to congratulate the horticulturalist responsible for Garside Gardens situated within King Edward Park. The display is the most beautiful I have seen in years. Your efforts are most appreciated and enjoyed.

Rondahe Finn, Newcastle

I thought there was a move to improve the image of the Knights. Personally, I question whether the latest recruit achieves that aim.

Judy Nicod, Hamilton South

Surprised that someone as knowledgeable as Barry Toohey thinks that the signing of Darius Boyd was a coup. In my opinion the self-serving pair of Boyd and Wayne Bennett did little for the Knights and only delayed the current progress.

Bob Salter, Stockton

The removal of the Queen’s Wharf tower will be a windfall for some. The high-rise apartments in the Hunter Street mall East End development will now have uninterrupted harbour views.

Glenn Burgess, Cooks Hill

Paint the Queen’s Wharf tower rainbow colors and have a mardi gras. Then again it might cause an outbreak of envy.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I think I've got it right. Please tell me if I haven't. The letter from the banks to Malcolm Turnbull reads like this. “Thank you for setting up our Royal Commission. We now forward to you our terms of reference.” I’d imagine the Prime Minister will be only too happy to oblige.

Donald Mennie, The Entrance

If we needed any more evidence that the Turnbull government was completely devoid of any policy agenda, the Prime Minister proved it again by simply cancelling Parliament for the week. Oh, and then he blamed Labor again.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

Perhaps I am becoming old and cynical, but I believe that the only reason that the banks authorised the Government to initiate a Royal Commission was to provide an opportunity for the banks to plunder the funds going into Industry Super.

Reg Howes, Valentine

I can finally agree with a proposed demolition of a Newcastle landmark. The tower will not be missed by me, but please choose carefully if there are plans to redevelop the whole precinct. It might end up like Merewether Surf House, which I consider a gross over-development without any extra infrastructure like access and parking. I stopped swimming at Merewether as it is almost impossible to park. It's a beach!

Lesley Comerford, New Lambton


Do you think Mitchell Pearce can lead the Knights into the finals?

Yes, 79%, No 21%

Should the penalties be increased for drivers who ignore things like level crossings and stop signs?

Yes, 94%, No 6%

Do you do yoga?

Yes 54%, No 46%


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