Merewether's Will Mowbray to star in the Budgy Smuggler Ordinary Rig Gala

Merewether’s Will Mowbray has done it. He’s made the top 10 of a competition that most Aussie blokes could only dream of.

This esteemed and highly revered contest is known as the “Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig”.

These 10 blokes will compete at the Budgy Smuggler Ordinary Rig Galaon January 3 at Ivy nightclub’s pool bar in Sydney.

Will, 24, reckons life is too short to have a six-pack stomach.

Talking up his chances in the contest, he said: “I’ve never really had the best rig”.

Will’s dad Greg Mowbray is so proud. 

“I think my work here is done,” Greg said.

“He’s certainly not suffering from a lack of confidence. It’s every parent’s hope that their child will be happy in their own skin.

“I’m just so proud of how much of a goose he is. I’ve never been one to take myself too seriously.”

Now, everyone look closely at Will's budgie smugglers. You’ll see that they’re branded with the Newcastle Knights.

As part of the competition, Will will have a crack at filmmaking.

“You have to make a little video of your road to ordinary,” Will said.

Will’s mate Lachlan Fitzgibbon, who plays for the Knights, has organised some of his teammates to star in the video.

We asked Will what he does for a living.

“I’m a nuclear medicine scientist,” he said.

Given the lighthearted nature of the conversation, we thought he might be kidding.

Nope. It’s true.

This has to be the best job title we’ve ever heard of.

“When I was single, it was a great line. They’d think I was a doctor. It’s similar to a radiographer, but sounds a whole lot better,” he said. 

At the event at the Ivy, contestants must make a set of wings – to mimic the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows – to wear while strutting their stuff on a catwalk.

In his event profile, Will describes himself as a chunky Justin Bieber, whose first crush was the girl from the AAMI ad.

Good luck, Will. Newcastle will be with you every step of the way.

A Silver Chair

Topics noticed on the Herald’s letters page that a bloke named Brad Hill, of Singleton, was keen to ensure we don’t forget Silverchair.

A silver chair that pays tribute to the one and only Silverchair.

A silver chair that pays tribute to the one and only Silverchair.

“In my opinion, the local band Silverchair is the best music I’ve ever heard. These guys from Newcastle deserve 100 per cent praise. We should be promoting this iconic band and their message,” Brad wrote.

Fear not, Brad.

We won’t be forgetting the band anytime soon.

Just take Speers Point Public School, which posted a picture of a silver chair on Facebook on Tuesday to promote a school concert, while talking up the band.

Ant Massacre

Speaking of Silverchair, we had to kill hundreds of ants this week.

When we saw their little bodies piled on top of each other, all we could think of was the song Pure Massacre.

The mistake the little creatures made was going for the honey in the cupboard.

The Pink Panther theme also came to mind … dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.

Time Warp

A time capsule has been found beneath the corner of Hunter and Merewether streets in Newcastle.

Light rail contractors Robsons and Downer passed on the find to Newcastle City Council. 

“We need help finding a Mr L. Lysaght and Mr O. Smith,” the council said on Facebook.

“Both were part of a Newcastle City Council maintenance crew that buried this makeshift time capsule way back on August 1, 1984.

That year, Bob Hawke was PM  and the Bulldogs beat the Eels 6-4 in the grand final.

In the capsule was a letter that said the concrete was poured on the first day of August 1984 by a Newcastle City Council maintenance gang.

Some of the letter was illegible, but “truck 22 Bedford” got a mention. 

The capsule contained an ad for the Mayfield Motel and its “colour TV”, Fanny’s Tavern and its “a la carte dining”, Lloyd’s Bar Beach Pavilion and the Hippopotamus Steakhouse at The Junction.