Dozens of revellers charged with drugs offences after Subsonic Music Festival

DOZENS of revellers have been charged with drugs offences after the “stimulating” and “soul-shaking” Subsonic Music Festival in Monkerai at the weekend. 

The 85 music fans issued with court attendance notices were allegedly in possession of drugs including amphetamines, MDMA, magic mushrooms, ketamine and cannabis.

A further 36 revellers were formally cautioned after they were found in possession of less than 15 grams of cannabis – the threshold for the cannabis cautioning scheme.

Port Stephens police, with the assistance of the dog unit, carried out the operation within festival grounds.

Drug busts also took place after the festival in another phase of the operation.

Breath tests were conducted on more than 800 drivers, while more than 250 drivers were tested for drugs.

Last year, 40 revellers were charged with drug offences. In 2015, 16 people were charged.

The annual bush rave is held at Riverwood Downs, Monkerai, about 26 kilometers north-east of Dungog, and attracts music lovers from across the state.

On the website, organisers describe the festival on the website as a “magical place… a transformative place… where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night”. 

The music is described as “soul-shaking”, “diverse” and “stimulating”.

The 180 artists play a range of genres including  ambient, reggae, acoustic, world, techno, house, bass, hip-hop and electro-punk.