Tarnya Davis | Gifting experience

As we scurry around searching for the perfect gift, doesn’t it seem that most people already have what they need?

It’s as if for many in our lives, we mostly need to dig deep to think of something to buy for them.

When we give a gift, what do we hope it adds to the person’s life?

First, we hope it tells them we have thought about them, we know them and that we love them. 

But is handing over an object the only way to do this?  And what is the cost of more and more possessions in our lives?

Those who have adopted minimalism, tell us that excessive possessions take up residence in our home and need care, maintenance and attention. 

Clutter contributes to stress, and research has linked high levels of stress hormones to those living in home with a high density of household objects. 

Clutter makes it harder to relax and also reminds us that the work isn’t done, as well as creating frustration when we can’t find things. 

Yes, your gift might hit the mark, but it may also contribute to clutter and the emotional stress that comes with that – not really your intention?

Consider gifting an experience and creating a memory. 

There’s no clutter and the message still the same – I thought about you, I know you, I care.

Tarnya Davis is a clinical and forensic psychologist and principal of NewPsych Psychologists. Her book of columns, All Things Considered, is sold at theherald.com.au