Mason Thomas Webb pleads guilty to dragging a man alongside his car for 50 metres at Horseshoe Bend

Newcastle courthouse.
Newcastle courthouse.

MASON Thomas Webb has pleaded guilty to dragging a man alongside his car for about 50 metres after his mate had repeatedly punched the victim in the head and robbed him of more than $2000. 

Webb, 25, of Kahibah, appeared in Newcastle Local Court via audio visual link from jail on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to causing bodily harm by misconduct and accessory after the fact to robbery and inflict actual bodily harm.

Webb and his mate drove to the victim's house in Horseshoe Bend on the morning of August 5 this year to sell him some scrap metal, according to an agreed statement of facts. 

When they arrived they unloaded an amount of copper piping and insulated wiring and Webb's mate noticed the victim's wallet on the front seat of his van.

The victim walked over to the passenger side of his vehicle to look for a pen when Webb's mate punched him in the face and took his wallet. He removed $2200 in cash and threw the wallet on the ground, according to an agreed statement of facts.

The victim tried to grab hold of his attacker, but was punched three times to the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

The victim then grabbed and held onto Webb's mate's left leg and was dragged along the ground to the passenger seat of Webb's Holden Commodore ute.

Webb's mate got into the passenger seat of the car and punched the victim, who was still holding his leg, a number of times.

Webb, who was in the driver's seat, then accelerated away "knowing that the victim was holding onto his mate's leg", according to an agreed statement of facts. 

Finally, Webb's mate kicked the victim and he let go and dropped onto the road. 

Police said the victim was dragged about 50 metres along Owen Street and suffered bleeding, swelling and bruising to the nose, mouth and right ear. 

Later that day, police went to Webb's house and spoke to him about his vehicle and his passenger. The next day Webb was arrested and police searched his vehicle, locating some dried blood splatter on the passenger side. Webb was interviewed by police and agreed that he went to the home in Horseshoe Bend to sell scrap metal to the victim for an arranged price of $280, but denied any knowledge of the robbery or of the victim being dragged alongside his car. 

He was charged and has been in custody since his arrest. The matter was adjourned to Newcastle District Court on December 14.

His mate will next appear in Newcastle Local Court on December 20.