Geordie Malone sure loves his Christmas T-shirts

Geordie Malone will wear a Christmas T-shirt every day this month.

We reckon that line right there has movie written all over it. The script will need a lot more work, but that line has to be a great place to start.

Back in the day, Chevy Chase would play the lead. Now, it’d probably be someone like Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey or Steve Carrell. We’re definitely ruling out Kevin Spacey.

Anyhow, Geordie and his partner Eartha run the leather and vintage store Hide and Seeker at Islington.

So how did this Christmas T-shirt thing come about?

“Basically it came about because Eartha thinks it’s really funny to make me wear Christmas T-shirts and take weird photos of me wearing them,” Geordie said.

Plus, he likes to make her laugh.

“She tells me it’s a modern-day love story, but I’m not so sure,” he said.

“The first year we had the shop, she made me wear one every day of December and it just became a tradition from there.

“I do love Christmas and I think the T-shirts are really funny, but it has also been pretty cool to see that some people really get joy from seeing me wear them – even though I look dorky.”

Eartha collects Christmas T-shirts for Geordie whenever she sees one.

“She loves to find the old ones made by someone's grandma with heaps of glitter and stuff,” Geordie said.

“Now other people have got involved and gifted me a few choice ones.

“The dream is to reach 24, so I never have to wear one twice.”

They’re getting close to achieving this remarkable goal.

Hay Santa

Speaking of all things Christmas, Kurri Kurri's Col Maybury spotted this Santa and reindeer made of hay at Maitland, just south of Fishery Creek Bridge.

A Santa made of hay at Maitland.

A Santa made of hay at Maitland.

For some reason, this reminds us of the Kevin Bloody Wilson Song, Hey Santa Claus.

It goes like this: Quite often I get to thinking how as kids we got by; Like at Christmas time at our house we couldn't even afford a fire; But we made do with what we had back then when I was young; Dad used to suck a peppermint and we’d all sit around his tongue.

We couldn't afford no sparkling tinsel for our Christmas tree; So we'd just wheel old grandad in and make the old [bloke] sneeze.

We shan’t be repeating the rest.

Let’s just say it’s an insightful [but filthy] commentary relating to the selfishness that tends to afflict some spoiled youngsters at Christmas in this day and age.

Aussie Christmas

Topics has been listening to Aussie Christmas with Bucko and Champs on Spotify.

Have a listen to this old record.

Have a listen to this old record.

Remember the old classic, Aussie Jingle Bells. Here’s some of the lyrics to get you in the Aussie Christmas spirit: Dashing through the bush in a rusty Holden Ute; Kicking up the dust, esky in the boot.

Kelpie by my side, singing Christmas songs; It's summertime and I am in my singlet, shorts and thongs.

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way; Christmas in Australia on a scorching summer’s day, Hey! Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut; Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Engine’s getting hot; we dodge the kangaroos; The swaggie climbs aboard, he is welcome too. All the family's there, sitting by the pool, Christmas Day the Aussie way, by the barbecue.

Come the afternoon, grandma has a doze; The kids and Uncle Bruce are swimming in their clothes.

The time comes 'round to go, we take the family snap; Pack the car and all shoot through before the washing up.