Santa visits Newcastle Airport

As everyone knows, Santa is busy this time of year.

So Novocastrians will be pleased to know he found time to check out this plane at Newcastle Airport on Friday.

Topics scored an exclusive interview with the big fella.

Topics: What did you think of the plane?

Santa: It’s good, but not as fast as my sled.

Topics: Do you smoke?

Santa: No way, it’s bad for my elf.

Topics: What do you think of the troublemakers who say you don’t exist?

Santa: That’s fake news.

Topics: How do you deliver presents to all the world’s kids in one night?

Santa: No comment.

A Christmas Poem

Topics feels very Australian at Christmas.

The Minmi Magster.

The Minmi Magster.

Bob “Minmi Magster” Skelton does, too. Mind you, we reckon the Magster feels very Australian most of the time.

He’s Aussie through and through.

The renowned bush poet thought he’d shared this poem with the Hunter’s people.

It’s titled White Christmas in Australia.

‘Tis Christmas time around the world

And how lucky we are to be

In this great land they call Down Under

Also known as the lucky country

Golden beaches flank our endless shores

With beautiful headlands in between

While to the west the range’s rise

Dressed in eucalypts, tall and green.

Cicadas drone from their treetop home

Small insects hum and croon

While cheeky kookaburras

Chuckle a happy laughing tune.

The bees are buzzing in the trees

In white blossom full in bloom 

Their hidden hives in the hollow limbs

WiIl be stacked with sweet honey soon.

Suburban streets are aglow with coloured lights

Nativity scenes are everywhere

‘Tis a time to be with family and friends

The Christmas spirit to enjoy and share.

Inland, the sun beats down on dry parched ground

Where sheep and cattle graze

As the colour of the ranges

Turn blue through the distant haze.

There may be no scenes of ice or snow

From our coast to the far outback

Yet the scent and sight of beautiful gum blossom white

Surely compensates for that.

Meanwhile, our Southern Cross is gleaming

Over this great land we hold so dear

Now have a safe and peaceful Christmas

And a prosperous, bonzer new year.

Best Christmas Photo

We’ve seen loads of photos with Santa this Christmas.

Summah and Kaden Mclennan on Stockton beach, high-fiving Santa.

Summah and Kaden Mclennan on Stockton beach, high-fiving Santa.

This one, taken by Little Handprints Photography, has to be the best. 

It features Beresfield's Summah and Kaden Mclennan giving Santa a high-five on Stockton beach.