Jetstar pilot Sean Wallace saves the holidays with special Christmas delivery

Is there a better Christmas present for a kid than a bike?

All kids, at some point, dream of owning a bike.

We remember getting a red mountain bike as a surprise Christmas present one year.

It was the best present we ever received. And we were aged about 30 at the time.

When most kids write their Christmas lists, there’s usually quite a few things on there.

Thornton’s Spencer Clarke had only one thing on his Christmas list this year. A bike.

Spencer, 5, lives with cerebral palsy.

He said to his mum, Terese Clarke: “Now that I’m five, why can’t I have a bike like all the other kids?”

The youngster then added: “Maybe Santa will bring me one.”

The only problem was, Spencer needed a special bike.

His mum can’t just go and buy one off a shelf.

Terese wrote a post on a Facebook page for disability equipment, asking if anyone had a bike that would suit Spencer’s needs.

A lady in Adelaide had one of these bikes for her little girl, but she no longer needed it. She kindly said Spencer could have it.

Terese’s sister lives in Adelaide, so she picked up the bike.

But how to get it to Newcastle?

Terese and Spencer were doing a behind-the-scenes tour of Newcastle Airport with Variety (the children’s charity).

She started chatting to Jetstar senior pilot Sean Wallace, who kindly offered to arrange for the bike to be flown to Williamtown.

Terese said Sean saved Christmas for her boy.

“How do you thank somebody enough for something like that?” she said.

When we asked Sean about his good deed, he was pretty humble about it all.

He said the “elves” at Jetstar and Newcastle Airport “sprang into action to help get Spencer his bike in time for Christmas”. 

“After meeting Terese and Spencer during the airport’s Variety tour, we couldn’t think of a more deserving family to be a part of Jetstar’s Gift of Giving program.”

What can we say, Sean. You’re a legend. And Spencer, enjoy that bike, pal. You deserve it.

Sean Wallace, Phil Bowron, Terese Clarke and Santa with Spencer's bike at Newcastle Airport. Picture by Marina Neil.

Sean Wallace, Phil Bowron, Terese Clarke and Santa with Spencer's bike at Newcastle Airport. Picture by Marina Neil.

The second day of Christmas

A police officer told us once that a Newcastle man was arrested for shopping too early during the Boxing Day sales.

What? How can he be arrested for that? Just how early was he doing this shopping?

“Before the shop opened,” the officer explained.

Seriously though, Topics would like to wish readers a Happy Second Day of Christmas.

It’s the day for our true love to give us two turtle doves.

If that doesn’t happen, we won’t complain.

We’ve got doves in our yard, leftover turkey in the fridge and cricket on the tele.