Short Takes Thursday December 28 2017

THE Roundhouse building is beautiful and would make a great design for a hotel or rooftop bar. It’s close to restaurant precincts, the theatre and more. Aim high, not low.

Peter Davies, Charlestown

WITH Mitchell Pearce (“Pearce backs himself to lead Knights’ revival”, Herald 26/12), we shall see in time. But I have a feeling 2018 will be a good year. We won't make the GF or even the finals, but we certainly won't be an easy pushover.

John Gemmell, Windale

TO all the brave souls who were braving the chaos at Westfield Kotara (“Boxing Day shoppers pack punch for region”, Herald 27/12): I sincerely hope that those bargains are worth it. Especially if there are returns.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

THE funny thing about the sales rush is that the price of things are going to be the same for the next week. I cant believe that people can’t wait a day to go shopping on the 27th. Retail workers have family too. I worked in retail, and out of respect I don’t shop on Boxing Day. 

Jodie West-Sooby, Charlestown

AS a former retail worker, I refuse to shop on Boxing Day. And I judge people who do.

Melanie Claire, Wallsend

I WOULD like to thank the vast majority, not all, of the Boxing Day telephone shoppers. Thank you for your abuse and filthy language aimed at me for not holding stock for you, and your lack of common sense. Do you expect that I should walk past hundreds of in-store customers to collect your shopping for you because you cannot get off your behind to come into a store? If you want shops open, then get up. You are ruining my Christmas break with family and friends because you feel the need to shop on Boxing Day by phone and be abusive about it. Give Boxing Day back to retail workers and abuse us on the December 27 instead.

Lynne Smith, Wallsend

REGARDING Boxing Day sales, you know who else works Boxing Day and even Christmas Day? Nurses, doctors, people in hospitality, paramedics, firefighters … the list goes on.

Monique White, Thornton

KATHIE Anthony, the sooner people realise there is no god of any sort the better off the world will be so called gods and their delusional followers are responsible for the misery and desperation a lot of people around the world are suffering. Perhaps the pope should open up the coffers and spend a few bucks as those desperate prayers don’t solve hunger or homelessness. It’s time to tax the church.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

TO Kathie Anthony (Short Takes 27/12) you may be correct. However, I'd like to know what Jesus has been up to the couple of thousand years. Maybe he is having an extended Christmas break.

Brad Hill, Singleton


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