Newcastle Herald Short Takes for Friday December 29 2018

SERIOUSLY, Scot MacDonald (Letters 28/12), the bigger businesses so conspicuously open for Boxing Day sales do not have their profits stop in the Hunter. That money will be distributed to the shareholders, wherever they may be. Wages stay in the Hunter, and I think you and your government are bent on driving them down not just on Boxing Day but anywhere and any time that penalty rates are paid.

Luke Taper, Georgetown

NOW I know why Sydney is bursting at the seams: it’s the size of their backsides. Never before have I witnessed so many monstrous bums in the bay as there are these holidays. 

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

JESUS cares about refugees because he was one for a time. Remember how Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled their country because King Herod planned to murder infant males? They escaped to Egypt so Jesus wouldn't be killed. It is no different today. People must leave if their lives are at risk, there really isn't a choice

Julie Robinson, Cardiff

IN reply to Kathie Anthony (Short Takes 27/12): Christmas or not, the refugees certainly shouldn't complain. We spent $70 million of taxpayers’ money on them last year when thousands of our own citizens are battling to make ends meet.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

WHEN I read the obituaries of 2017 (Herald 27/12) I was disappointed that the most urbane presence on Australian television, Les Murray, was not mentioned. To me and many others, he was the face of Australian football. Perhaps you may be able to run a longer feature article on Mr Football in the near future.

Les Field, Wickham

IF they are going to remove the tower from the harbour foreshore because of its phallic shape perhaps that should also look at the council building they are going to convert into possible residential for university students, its very similar in shape but not as tall. I say knock it down to.

Allen Small, East Maitland

OUR Newcastle is truly amazing including the Supercars venue, Jeremy Bath and Dave McTaggart (Letters, 28/12). So why aren't there ordinary 90-minute intercity train services connecting us with global Sydney, running to the ideally functional and perfectly located, rail adjacent Newcastle station? Making the trip through the Wickham Interchange takes three hours. Let's get serious. Modern railway technology and engineering already give the green light to driving efficient, high volume and high turnover markets. This is possible only with real intercity services.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park


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Yes 77%, No 23%

ARE you afraid of sharks?

Yes 53%, No 31%, A little 16%

WHAT are your plans for New Year's Eve?

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