Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, December 30, 2017

STEVE Barnett (Short Takes 29/12), we’re in trouble if all those backsides hit the water at once on New Year’s Day the sea level will rise dramatically the global warming fanatics will be in full cry. But fear not for as they exit the water and trundle back down the expressway to their concrete jungle the sea level will return to normal and we can all sigh with relief. Happy new year to all.

Brad Hill, Singleton

ARE there any financial or social benefits from Australia – a country with a population of 25 million – burdening itself with three tiers of government. If not, would you agree with me that we could be classed as “not the brightest” of countries, to continue putting up with the confusion, the duplication, the creating of a golden opportunity for blame shifting, the adding to living costs, on top of the billions it costs to continue to persevere with this un-needed system.

Allan Earl, Thornton

REGARDING Grame Tychsen’s comment (Short Takes 27/12): I am truly envious of how well he has expressed himself on the matter he is commenting on. His comment is far superior to letters I sent in on the matter. I recommend Grame’s comment for the letter of the week.

Agner Sorensen, Teralba

IN reply to Daphne Hughes (Short Takes 27/12):  yes! Who could possibly forget David Hobson’s rendition of The Holy City.  I love Christmas carols sung the traditional way and not jazzed up as so many of them are now, but every year I wait till the very last for David Hobson. He is absolutely magnificent. Nobody can sing it like David. 

Olwyn Edmonds, Eleebana

NEWCASTLE deputy lord mayor Declan Clausen’s take on the “improvements” at our beachside (Letters 27/12) is intriguing indeed. Changing in smelly toilet cubicles, the gross expansion of paved areas, the loss of grassed parkland and the continued dilapidation of the iconic Newcastle Baths structures are improvements? Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes is recommended reading for Cr Clausen.

Dick Marr, Newcastle

REGARDING Sage Swinton’s story (“Quake rattles city memory 28 years later”, Herald 28/12): I was three months’ pregnant with my first child at the time. I had just walked out of Beaumont Street. My husband, a GP, went back to help. We had nightmares for a while.

Verina Rallings, Corlette

SURELY there is some Supercars money kicking around at council that they can use to thank the Newcastle community with fireworks at midnight. Perhaps we should all respond to a postal vote in our next rates notice to ensure it’s locked in for New Year's Eves to come. If Paterson can do it, why can't we celebrate and choose whether our kids have a late night or not?

Suzanne Barker, Mayfield East


A SHUTTLE will run from McDonald Jones Stadium to the Foreshore from 4.30pm on Sunday. The last bus leaves the former Newcastle train station at 10.30pm. 


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