Newcastle Herald Short Takes: January 1, 2018

I DON’T see why the midnight fireworks aren’t a thing. It isn’t the new year till midnight. The 9pm fireworks should be an also-ran, if at all.

Chris Darby, Edgeworth

REGARDING the police fireworks crackdown ahead of New Year’s Eve (“Fireworks crackdown after haul”, Herald 29/12): I quite like fireworks but my dog doesn't. Her phobia isn't extreme but it's distressing all the same. So I say good, the cops are doing their job.

Angella Partridge, Wyong

WHAT a joke (“Fireworks crackdown after haul”, Herald 29/12). Maybe if this wasn’t such a nanny state, we’d bring back the midnight fireworks. Let people celebrate how people used to back in the good old days. Maybe then no-one would think of sneaking them in. 

Dan Coombes, Nelson Bay

I THINK the crew and staff of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service would have a far better idea of how to do their jobs efficiently than some union types (“Rescue chopper claims ‘insulting’: union”, Herald 29/12). These crews are highly trained professionals who have a far bigger appreciation of what their demanding job entails.

Peter Buckley, Newcastle

I AM in Newcastle for a few days over the Christmas/New Year break, and was thinking I would get an opportunity to see some of the local sights. Much to my astonishment I found the visitor’s information centre at Honeysuckle closed. How can this be? Surely this summer period is the ideal time to promote the local sights and businesses. Sadly, you have all missed out on my patronage as I will leave town one very disappointed visitor. Newcastle, get your act together.

Bonnie Thomas, Wagga Wagga 

WHY do so many think they are entitled to use and abuse public spaces these days? Time for a bit of education on who it is that actually funds these spaces, and the clean-up, and the police who are inevitably required to attend.

Nicole Davies, Gloucester

PETER Dolan’s response (Letters 29/12), I think, highlights why some are wary of religious dogma being taught in schools. Mr Dolan says he has no problem with young children being told what are clearly lies in the scientific sense during their education as harmless as it does not harm anyone else. But what about the harm done to the young child who will grow up being ignorant of present-day facts? Another flaw in his missive is his putting scientific discovery on equal terms with religious belief. Genuine science only claims facts to be to a standard of what is known and accepted at the time of claiming, and when and if found to be wrong has no problem of accepting the new evidence. That is something that is lacking in a lot of the various religions.

Allan Earl, Thornton

Arrivederci (“Slice of history to stay”, Herald 29/12), I’m glad to hear that you are all staying.

Annette Wade, Edgeworth


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