OPINION: It's time to clear out the closet

The New Year is here, and we would like to hope it’s not ‘just another year’, but sometimes it seems hard to separate them.

Have you seen the hot cross buns at the supermarket?

Yep, Easter is nearly here! Some of us have only just taken down our Christmas decorations.

So how do you stop the clock?

I believe the best way forward is to reflect on what you’ve accomplished so you can work out where you want to go.

Reflection usually only happens when we’re writing a CV or updating our LinkedIn profile.

We try to pry open the doors of our highly-packed memory bank to find and remember those key skills, experiences and outcomes that will give us the confidence to apply for that pay rise, new job or position.

Giving ourselves a pat on the back shouldn’t just happen when we’re applying for a new job.

Taking the time to celebrate our successes each quarter or year gives us confidence.

It provides us with a strong foundation and clear direction on what we can focus on in the year to come.

A great way to stop the clock is to reflect on your task list and outlook calendar and go through each month and write out your successes and failings.

Write what you liked and didn’t like about each month and what you might want to do better next time.

This gives you a clear vision of things you need to fix or work that allows you to see where you’ve come from and highlights things you probably need to let go of to ensure future success.

So much more is possible when we have cleared out the closet of successes and failures for a fresh start. 

It helps you stop time, even for a moment to give you clarity in your work and personal goals to create a more balanced season.

 Grace McLean, NFP Connect founder and CEO