Short Takes: Monday, January 8, 2018

TO those at the hospital who tore down the Christmas decorations (Letters, 30/12) – you must be a joy to work for/with. You make the Grinch look like Santa Claus. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

I’M with you Dan Kirkpatrick (Short Takes, 5/1), let’s turn off all the coal-fired power stations and just hope the wind keeps blowing and the sun continues to shine. We can take it in turns to share/use the power they produce. Sounds great. Dan, can I burn some wood in my fuel stove in winter to keep warm?

Graeme Bennett, Warners Bay

REGARDING Fred Saunders’ Short Take about a ship called King Coal (Short Takes, 5/1). A few years ago I was operating at K2 loading woodchip onto a ship, when a ship called Green Power was berthing at K4 coal wharf. Also noted same ship in harbour recently.

Steve Paras, Pelican 

AFTER nearly being wiped out at the Woolies crossing by a courier van driver whose eyes were glued to whatever device was in his lap, I suggest a three-strikes-and-you’re out road rule when caught on the phone. The third strike would be compulsory crushing of the car.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

TO Dan Kirkpatrick – interesting to note that you are from Karuah (Short Takes, 5/1). I’m assuming north Karuah because of your obvious brain washing. Maybe you can tell us all how many coal-fired power stations were operating thousands of years ago when the earth started to warm up and when the great deserts of the world were formed, I haven't had much luck on this question previously, I’m hoping with your wisdom from the north Karuah peninsula that you can answer these questions for me.

Brad Hill, Singleton

I READ where the Knights want to keep Cogger and Lamb. Well, they can’t expect to pick the eyes out of other clubs and keep their up-and-coming talent on the sidelines. Let them go and let them enhance their careers.

John Keen, Gateshead

IN the 2017 state budget we were regaled with the good news of increased funds for school maintenance. In spite of proposed increased spending, unfortunately the demountable classroom fronting Union Street at The Junction Public School still has a tarpaulin covering its roof. Will funds be spent repairing this building before students return to school or should they hope for a drought?

Graham Boyd, The Junction

HOW do you get changed in a toilet? Even more amazing, how can this experience cost council one million dollars?Something smells rather fishy, and it's not the old prawns left in the cubicle trash bin.

Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek 


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