Newcastle Herald Short Takes for January 18 2018

STEPHEN Rabbitt (Short Takes, 16/1): dogs have more rights than humans, it seems. Every week I see a couple of happy blokes sit their toy poodles on the table at the cafe next door and hand-feed them, letting them lick the plate. So much for health regulations. I will never eat at a dog-friendly cafe because dogs lick their own genitals and then lick their owner’s face. Under the house is where they belong

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

SO the Greens want to put a stop to Australia Day celebrations because they offend a section of the community? Well how about we put a stop to celebrating a fictitious character by abandoning Christmas and Easter because it offends atheists and non-Christians like me? Personally I love Christmas Day: it means just one more sleep until the Boxing Day Test!

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

IT’S no surprise that at this time of the year we are again debating if the date of Australia Day should be changed. Mr Turnbull has already indicated that the country should become a republic after the present monarch passes. Malcolm could quite easily quell the argument by announcing that the day Australia becomes a republic could serve as the new date for Australia Day.

Neil Meyers, Warners Bay

IF Bernard Tomic thinks counting money is all that matters, maybe he could consider that if he'd bothered trying and had a more appealing attitude, he'd probably have twice as much money to count.

Michael Jameson, New Lambton

I BELIEVE Bernard Tomic is enjoying his millions. To each his own but somehow I feel that sometimes the wrong person is given the talent.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

WITH the storms coupled with severe winds and incredible heat wave conditions a person could wonder what we are in for next. I suspect the ants suspect something as they busily go to higher ground. Floods in February perhaps?

Bruce Donaldson, Kahibah

THE thing about cyber-bullying is that it knows no boundaries. It can invade every place and time in your lives, and that of your children if we let it. To start with, we need to insure that we have time out and a private space like a bedroom that excludes this evil invasion. Please talk to your kids.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

BILLIE Jean King has come to Australia as a guest of Australian tennis and is asking for the Margaret Court Arena to be renamed because of Ms Court’s views on sexuality. She was one of the five million votes to say no in the postal vote, as was I. Doesn’t everybody have a right to their opinion without being vilified? Margaret is one of our greatest sportspeople of all time. Billie Jean, please butt out. It has nothing to do with you.

Don Fraser, Belmont

IN reply to Daphne Hughes (15/1): yes Daphne, that's when the railway had a commissioner that came up from the ranks and knew about the system.

Colin Atkins, Wyong 


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