Newcastle Herald short takes January 19 2018

WENDY Webb (Short Takes 17/1), I couldn't agree more! Maybe a barbecue where the butcher can hold court and espouse his views on how everyone should conduct their lives. Then they can all have their turn as the stand up comedians. I expect Wendy and I will get a serve from up Singleton way for not 'loving' the butcher.

Kim Harding, Carrington

TO Wendy Webb: don’t take life so seriously. I would love to have a beer or 10 with Dave McTaggart and Brad Hill. Not into coffee with mates, that’s a Sydney thing.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

IT looks like the butcher from the Bay has won another heart. A bird in the hand is better than two Bobs in the salt bushes.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron Park

A WALLABY has been found crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge! This is unusual, but scientists predict that we can expect more of this extreme event in the future with climate change.  When wallabies are swarming across the Harbour Bridge life may be become untenable in Sydney.  A climate scientist has said though, that such extreme wallaby crossings may not become more frequent.  Instead wallabies will become bigger and nastier unless we reduce carbon emissions now.

Peter Devey, Merewether

IT’S official. It is harder to travel into the Newcastle CBD by train, car and now by bus. On the basis of the policies of the NSW State government the situation will only get worse. For the sake of the CBD businesses I hope that the increasing number of city dwellers will be enough to improve their bottom line because it is increasingly difficult for everyone else to frequent the city.

Kim Cross, Metford

WHILE families in Australia are struggling to make ends meet with the lowest wage growth in 25 years, the Prime Minister uses his special powers to give a wage increase totalling $820,000 to 30 parliamentary staffers already on unbelievable salaries. If there is one thing that signifies what this Prime Minister thinks of ordinary wage earners in this country this must be the defining moment. And he wonders why he has had something like 25 negative polls.

Les Baldwin, Pelican 

THE poll appearing in Short Takes on Wednesday asks which is scarier between spiders, snakes, sharks or others. It should have included Peter Dutton on the list.

Paul Sutcliffe, Fern Bay


SHOULD mobile food carts and vans be regulated by the same rules as permanent-location cafes?

Yes 60%, No 40%

CAN the Knights win the 2018 NRL premiership?

Not likely 38%, Maybe 23%, Yes 20%, No 19%

WILL the rail strike affect you? 

Yes 32%, No 68%

Does the next stage at Nobbys fix the issues? 

Yes 65%, No 35%


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