Newcastle Herald Short Takes Monday January 22 2018

TONY Abbott derides Bill Shorten for welcoming debate on the date Australia Day is celebrated as having failed the test for national leadership. Has everyone missed the irony here? Tony Abbott's national leadership test not only received a fail from the people, but also from his party. If Bill Shorten sees fit to respond to Abbott's latest ridiculousness he should say "Tony who?". Seriously, it is a signal of strength in leadership to accept debate on any worthy issues.

John Lawton, Belmont

LET’S stop calling it public transport, because clearly it isn't!

Sue Morris, Adamstown

FURTHER to Kerry Redman (Letters 19/1), I think we as taxpayers should expect more back from these athletes who turn professional. Just like other professionals who do university, they pay a HECS fee. I believe the Bernie Tomics of the world, and any others who have been taxpayer supported in their chosen sport, should pay a percentage of their income or a HECs-type fee back to the taxpayers. And please, don’t give me the old line that they do through their taxes.

Tony Mansfield, Lambton

NELSON Bay at the moment is full of road rage, plus avocado rage in the supermarket. What's next, lactose-free latte rage? People on holidays should learn to relax.

Cliff Rabbit, Nelson bay

AT present I am overseas and have been trying to pay my Telstra bill. Despite their claims of how communicative they are, this appears to be too hard. I am a senior citizen with a rather poor memory. Consequently I haven't the foggiest what my account number is and the wonderful online chat function seems too difficult to operate. 

Robert Ongley, Belmont

I WAS reading John Beach’s article (‘Finding key to good government’, Herald, 19/1) with a picture showing two of our greatest PMs, Curtin and Chifley, and thought these men and even Menzies would be rolling in their graves if they could see the calibre of some of today’s members of Parliament. Please bring back my old Australia.

Ray Cross, Morpeth

PERHAPS Dave, Brad the miner and Steve the butcher could set up a cosy little online chat group, and leave the rest of us out?

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

WHEN the accountants do the sums on the viability of a multi-million dollar mine I am sure they will factor in the odd $15,000 fine for environmental pollution.

Peter Hay, Islington

WENDY Webb (Short Takes, 17/1) you are not the only one to complain about letters from the Bay. I think you should have said Singleton, too. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield


DO you think an artificial headland will fix the erosion at Stockton beach?

Yes 40%, No 34%, I don’t know 26%

HAVE you avoided the city centre since work started on the light rail network?

Yes 81%, No 19%


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