Newcastle Herald Short Takes for January 23 2018

YES Newcastle Herald, we all need reminding about water safety. Pity the promoters of Commonwealth Games weren't aware of the need to swim between the flags, using bikini-clad girls to demonstrate what not to do in the surf.

Laurie Coghlan, Jewells

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Mark Mansfield (Letters, 22/1). I'm so sick of all publicity the Knights get when it's not even their season. Please give the Jets the respect they so deserve.

Helen Hunstone, Cardiff South

ON my first trip to the Wickham interchange, my train stopped at the rear of an eight-carriage one. This then makes for hell of a walk. Too bad if you’re not well. When I got to the gates it took three goes to get through, then there wasn’t a bus or anyone to give information or any printed information about bus changes, so I walked to Hunter Street in front of The Store. This would be easily 800 yards. In my case, I’m only 75. If you’re getting on in years, I’d say don’t use the buses. At least when it went to Hamilton everything flowed OK and you knew where it was going.

Bob Hollingsworth, Gillieston Heights

IN reply to Mac Maguire, if the supposedly 50 per cent of the public don't celebrate or give a rat's about Australia/Invasion Day, why change it? 

Andy Conn, Newcastle

READING Joanne McCarthy's column reminded me of the Bank Corner cat in the early 1970s. The poor animal was run over and rapidly reduced by traffic and summer temperatures to a dried, but intact, remnant on the road. The council then renewed the white lines in the area and the truck painted a white line over the cat's remains. I'm sure many of your readers can remember this and verify my story.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

I WOULD like to know for what reason – other than defending against “regime change”, which America has been known to do for financial benefit – that the world is placed in a state of anxiety over North Korea developing the same weapons capability that nine other countries have?

Allan Earl, Thornton

THANK you, Newcastle Herald (‘Cafe with heart’, Herald, 20/1). Two wonderful women who are making the world a much better place. One of the lasting memories I have of my Papua New Guinea years is of a group of women sitting on a cement floor at a coffee factory I visited regularly sorting beans by hand. Their daily wages were not much more than what you pay for a cup of coffee. Despite the hardship of a life lived with no government handouts, where electricity was a luxury, NBN is unheard of, travel is mostly by shanks’ pony and childcare is provided by elderly and infirm family members, they seemed much happier than many Australians.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth


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Adelaide 38%, Perth, 36%, Other 26%


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