Newcastle Herald Short Takes January 24 2018

WHY can't we have our prisons run like they do in Serbia? What are they are they scared of? The Loony Left at work again.

Greg Stewart, Beresfield

ON Saturday morning I watched a man set up the two tables under the covered area at Speers Point Park about 8.30am. He put table cloths and plates of chips and balloons on them. He then sat there and guarded it for over two hours until I left.  No-one else used the tables of course, because they appeared to be being used when they weren't. They were being barred from other users. He was obviously guarding it for a birthday party at some later hour. I thought this was really rude because it stopped other park users using the covered tables all morning.  I’m not sure how this sort of behaviour can be discouraged, but there should at least be a notice discouraging the practice. It struck me as very un-Newcastle type of behaviour.

Bob Burke, Hunchy QLD

DARRYL Tuckwell (Short Takes, 20/1) says train drivers were offered a 2 per cent pay rise, but it was 2.5 per cent – the same as that offered to other public servants. How does he know they will take 4 per cent if offered anyway, and why do they think they deserve 6 per cent? If Monday’s strike goes ahead, all they will do is get the public offside.

Ian King, Warners Bay

REGARDING Neil Diamond, having to cancel his Australian tour after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, certainly a tragedy, especially for such a fantastic artist. Let's hope it all goes well for him.

David Davies, Blackalls Park 

I REALLY hope Ernie Merrick can now see the difference in quality between the two Jets keepers. The last few weeks have been real solid in the 18 yard box, but this week I thought it was a shambles.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

I HAVE have been watching the Tour Down Under in South Australia. The people of South Australia are the best hosts in the country. Perhaps the East Enders should be sent to the great city of Adelaide. Locals might teach them how good a city can be when doors don’t get shut in your face.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I THINK Mark Kenny has hit the mark with his May 9 suggestion for Australia Day (‘The solid case for May 9’, Herald, 23/1). While we are at it why not add an "Eddie Mabo Day" to the calendar to celebrate a milestone in the unfinished journey by the indigenous community to gain proper recognition for the original inhabitants and owners of this land. Maybe a treaty could be next followed by constitutional reform and an advisory body. Wouldn't that trifecta be something that all Australians could celebrate on future Australia Days?

Phil Sergeant, Merewether Heights


IN your opinion, how much should the stadium park and ride scheme cost commuters?

Nothing 43%, $2 41%, More than $2 16%

DO you think Wallsend’s CBD has a crime problem?

Yes 79%, No 7%, I don’t know 14%​


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