Newcastle Herald short takes January 27, 2018

REALLY, Richard Anicich (‘Blue skies ahead for region, says business leader and believer’, Newcastle Herald, 26/1)?  The trains you only speak of should have been running decades ago. Your "blue" is the policy neglect that has allowed Newcastle to be taken off global Sydney's train network. Newcastle station is a to-die-for 21st century hub for the economic activity real intercities drive.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

HOW do we sort out the Australia Day schemozzle? Sign a treaty with indigenous Australians on January 26, 2019.

Janet Sutherland, Hillsborough

BEFORE Hunter Water spend a cent on these geo-fabric sand containers with a great scientific-sounding name (‘Sewage pond at risk from Stockton erosion’, Herald, 26/1) they might like to talk to the people at Old Bar where these devices simply disappeared three storm events later.

Ian Reynolds, Forster

WHAT a disgrace to the working man. Trying to collectively bargain with their workmates for a few bob extra to try and make ends meet, they wish to say no to their employers’ offer (how dare they), then decide to take peaceful action only to be told by the Fair Work Commission that they cannot. That is just a touch of the Liberal industrial relations reforms to come. Should we let them continue this stripping of workers’ rights? 

Craig Morris, Speers Point

THANK you Newcastle City Council and the people in the street who helped them make our quiet dead-end street no parking on one side. In the 20 years I have lived here there has been no problem for emergency vehicles, or any other, to come into our street. We have practically no traffic and only five blocks on either side. We had two wheels on the footpath, but it affected nobody. This all came about from one complaint. Thanks for nothing.

Bruce Cook, Adamstown

IT appears the only politicians working with and helping the victims of the Williamtown RAAF contamination scandal are state Labor member Kate Washington and, federally, the Australian Greens. In my opinion both the sitting federal ALP member  Meryl Swanson and the Coalition government Minister for Defence seem to be in hiding. It’s time these politicians abandoned their party lines and started to support the people that pay their salaries.

Brian Crooks, Scone

BAN screeching babies from the tennis! That means that about 40 per cent of players currently on the circuit will be banned from taking to the courts. I agree a serious tennis tournament is not the proper place to take a small baby, but to suggest the cries off court are worse than the incessant screeching on court is preposterous. With live figures and analysis of serve speed, balls in or out, and other statistics for this and that, maybe a decibel recording could add to the drama.

Mick Miller, Salamander Bay


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