Short Takes for Tuesday January 30 2018

HAVING to work on Australia Day, I was feeling sorry for myself until I read this uplifting article (“Family’s citizenship a ‘miracle and honour’”, Herald 26/1). Thank you Marie Niyowera for sharing your family's story and your amazing positivity with us. It is citizens like you and your family that do indeed make Australia the best country.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

A BIT rich asking a goalkeeper to command their 18-yard box, Colin Geatches (Short Takes 24/1). The six-yard box is enough. Leave the rest to your backline. As the modern game evolves, I observe defenders apprehensive to tackle, having hands placed behind their backs as strikers and attackers go down quicker than the Coalition’s approval rating.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron Park

I WISH to again comment on David Warner’s poor performance with the bat for Australia. I think the selectors should have a long look at him before picking him.

John Levett, Waratah

THANK you Minister Hazzard (“Going public”, Herald 26/1). After emergency appendix surgery at the existing Maitland Hospital last September, I believe the staff deserve this ASAP, but I do wonder if plan 'C' will deliver as publicly expected. Apparently there's space at Metford, so let's not rule out private sector co-location if it can support the new public hospital. Over to tender, weary private health providers for ideas.

Garry Blair, Maitland

I DIDN’T hear the baby screeching at the tennis (Short Takes 27/1), or the ridiculous screaming of the players, or the incessant commentating while the points are being played. Oh, that's right, I had the television muted. And, anyway, why do we have to have Jim Courier at “our” Australian Open every year? We have plenty of our own ex-champs who could do the job.

Joy Boots, Belmont North

REGARDING how we celebrated (“Newcastle keeps it simple”, Herald 27/1), Michael Parris says people and national pride were all in short supply in Newcastle. That's because they all came to Lake Macquarie and elsewhere. I wonder why?

Paul Brossmann, Warners Bay

FROM everything I’ve read there has been a shortage of drivers for well over 10 years. The system has been maintained by overtime. Is it too simple to suggest that the state Government should simply employ more of them?

Shane Tull, Dudley

WITH the debate about pill testing at festivals, will Fair Trading have a role to play? Surely the customer who purchases Ratsak Smarties has a right to a refund from their drug dealer when the disco frisbee fails the test. What has society come to when you can’t trust your local drug dealer? Lift your game drug dealers, you’re sinking to new lows.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay


DID you know about the Smith Street car park at No. 2 Sportsground?

Yes 24%, No 76%