Short Takes for Wednesday January 31 2018

FOR those of you who do not know, Newcastle City Council is conducting a survey involving the possible need for more dog exercise areas within and around areas of Newcastle including possible fenced areas like other councils have already. You may know of somewhere near you that you could suggest. Go to the council’s website and have your say. They need to be in by February 9.

Debbie McIntosh, Wallsend

A CORRECTION is necessary to Darryl Tuckwell’s letter (Letters 31/1). John Howard was not the treasurer in 1973, nor was Malcolm Fraser in government.

Jim Richardson, Charlestown

ACCORDING to Revitalising Newcastle program director Michael Cassel, the light rail is being completed as quickly as possible. Well Mr Cassel, can I suggest your workers either work 12 hour days instead of about 8 like they’re working now, or 24 hours 7 days a week like they were leading up to Christmas? May I also suggest the government does the right thing and compensates the business owners. The government has used Hunter Street and not the old rail corridor.

Wayne Ridley, Gateshead

MUCH has been written and said about whether 26 January is a suitable date to celebrate Australia Day. Here is a hypothetical question to all Aboriginal people: what would you be doing now if there had been no invasion or any influence from Europe? What mob would you belong to, and how would you be dressed?

Allan Johnson, Glendale

KEITH Parsons (Letters 30/1), may I politely remind you of the Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange, Stage 1 Section 1 completed in 2017?

Jodie Shafie, Edgeworth

HOW great it is to have old friend Peter Lewis each Saturday with his brilliant local cartoon? Peter has a wonderful gift to bring a humorous view of the situations we often find ourselves in here in Newcastle. It’s so much easier to laugh with than the obscure political "jokes" from those outsiders. Please bring Peter back every day.

Claire Frost, Mayfield    

FAIR call Mr Barnett (Short Takes 30/1) regarding pill testing. Only the other day I purchased some joggers off a drug dealer. I don't know what they were laced with, but I was tripping.

Charles Farley, Adamstown Heights


ARE Newcastle bus fares at the right rate?

Too high 69%, Yes 19%, Too low 12%

DO you think Blackstreet is a good replacement for Shaggy at RNB Vine Days?

Yes 18%, No I am disappointed 82%

WHY are apprenticeships less popular with young people?

Low pay 53%, School leaving age 19%, Other 28%

CAN the Jets make an appearance at the 2018 A-League grand final?

Yes 86%, Maybe 13%, No 1%


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