Short Takes for February 2 2018

SUSIE Johnson (Short Takes, 31/1): given the fact that safe drivers are given reduced premiums on their car insurance, and well-behaved prisoners are also granted reduced time on their jail sentences, why should the same principles not apply to pubs and clubs doing the right thing? To adopt such a philosophy would not be to "reward" any venue, it would merely be partially reversing laws that are both unjust and ineffective.

Adz Carter, Newcastle

MISTER Scott Bevan (“Sydney Harbour hard slog for lake walker”, Herald 1/2) you are a breath of fresh air! I can't count the number of times I've groaned when seeing "loaned" instead of "lent". Rod used Shark Shield, lent by the manufacturer. Thank you.

Anne Cook, Ermington

ALL that water going to waste in the top end is diabolical. When will the imbeciles that supposedly run our country realize that this water can be captured? We built the Snowy River scheme, so why not generate thousands of jobs and an endless water supply by being proactive and start a top end water catchment and release program. All politicians are dumb and happy to be so, in my view. I think pathetic is an understatement.

Brad Hill, Singleton

SO our Prime Minister says tax benefits for low caste workers. What about pensioners? We pay the same GST as someone who earns $2000 a week. The supermarkets give us no discount, they throw food out or give it to food recyclers. Over the years we have lost free reading glasses, the dental scheme and more, all so it’s fair for the average person. Mr Turnbull, pensioners need help too.

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

HOUSING NSW conducted inspections at my block of units on Tuesday. At the end of these inspections, a bottom-floor unit was found to be riddled with black mould. The tenant was told they would be moved straight away and to leave everything in the unit as black mould spores cause respiratory problems. The problem I have with this is – I have heard nothing, and have not been formally advised about this or the safety issues. These units are jammed four per level in a small space. Am I wrong to ask?  

Mark Sheerin, Hamilton South

ROCCO De Grandis (Short Takes 30/1): yes, your defence should have done their job by the time it gets to the keeper, but as a keeper your 18-yard box is your domain. You need to have full control there. Danny Vukovic was one of the best keepers in the A-League. When the ball got to the 18, he pounced. He stood out on the edge of the box, which gave him control. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield


SAFEWORK NSW workshops will run in Scone, Singleton and Adamstown as the state government seeks to reduce the number of horse-related injuries and fatalities. They will cover a code of practice and how workers in the horse industry can stay safe. They will be at Scone TAFE on April 9, Singleton’s Civic Centre on May 8 and Merewether Golf Club on June 5. Further information at


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