Short Takes for Saturday February 3 2018

RHODES scholar and dumped former PM Tony Abbott, tells more or less the British Empire was good for the original inhabitants of this continent. Andrew Bolt claims the Stolen Generation was a “myth”.  I claim the British Empire was founded on pillage, rape, murder, and racism where the Aboriginal people were concerned. Not long ago Aboriginal people were allowed to fight in wars, but when they returned they were not allowed to mix with white people. To me, the union jack on the Australian flag is a symbol of the horrors of conquest to the original inhabitants of this land.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

A HIGH-pressing back four will indeed love a deep sweeping goalkeeper, Colin Geatches (Short Takes 2/1). The Jets coaching staff are doing a great job getting their players to work on an attractive, attacking style of football. Muscy's Mexicans are in for a shootout as they try to stifle the Jets.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron Park

I WOULD like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the gentleman from the NRMA who came to my rescue in Adamstown this week. Unfortunately I forgot to ask his name. If my car could speak I'm sure it would echo my comments.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

KEOLIS Downer, you have run out of excuses (“School bus no-show leaves parents in dark”, Herald 2/1). Saying sorry doesn't cut it. Andrew Constance, it seems to me you have little idea. In my opinion, you need to resign. Gladys, get it sorted. 

Graeme Bennett, Warners Bay

IT’S disgusting that students didn’t have the bus service they needed to get to or from school. The new service isn’t working, the old service worked fine. Change it back, Keolis Downer, or do we need a missing  child for something to be done? Children might take a lift from a stranger if they panic and worry they’ll get in trouble if they’re late, even though it’s not their fault. There are too many faults in the new timetables, not just for students but for the elderly as well. In my view Andrew Constance needs to step aside for someone who can handle the job. I think he showed his arrogance with the train dispute recently. Gladys, do the job you said you’d do, and don’t fob it off to others.

Donna Norris, Glendale

OBVIOUSLY, Newcastle City Council would not be allowed to open a road through a retirement village and cut down the trees there. Cooks Hill is no retirement village. It is densely packed with families of all ages, but the council has seen fit, once again, to ignore people’s deep attachment to their homes and environment – this time by carrying out drainage repairs in an insensitive and authoritarian fashion. It has cut down all the magnificent trees in Council Street and is planning to direct traffic into our already busy streets. People’s  health is being affected. There is much stress evident in our neighbourhood. Newcastle is losing its individuality and its maturity.

Anna Holmes, Cooks Hill


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