Short Takes for Tuesday February 6 2018

WHILE processing my online registration today through the FFA's My Football site, not only was there an increased registration price this year but also a credit card fee of $5.11. Multiply that by the amount of registrations and that alone is a substantial profit. It shouldn't cost this much to process this payment. It stings, as this is generally the only option to make payments. I feel for the parents who are paying this multiple times if more than one child registers.

Paul Brandick, Barnsley

I TOTALLY agree with Jeff Corbett (Herald 3/2) about the extensiveness and lack of concern generally for the huge number of native animals we kill on our roads. Some of these poor animals are larger than a child, yet somehow drivers can't see them. How do they manage to drive without killing humans? Recently I drove to Melbourne and it was like a bloodbath on our main roads. The images are hard to erase. I didn't hit anything. What a shame we are so dismissive and callous about other living creatures. Loss and destruction of habitat compounds the indifferent slaughter. Individuals and governments have a responsibility to protect them, given that we're the biggest destroyers of environment and life forms.

Anne Phillips, Wallarah

JUST an opinion on the live music scene in Newy. We want Newcastle to be a vibrant city, yet the powers that be put up obstacles to diminish this. How can it be that units can be built next to a venue and new owners, knowing there are noise issues, complain and the venue is penalised? What a crock! If you don’t like noise, don’t move into the city. Long live music in Newy. Bring back the Palais, Surf City, Jolly Roger and the Bass.

Tony Morley, Waratah

WHAT sort of global citizen is Australia becoming? Failing to meet our Paris climate target, palming off or incarcerating our refugees and now investing 3.6 billion publicly funded dollars to become part of the most corrupt export trade on the planet: weapons. What’s next, oh glorious leaders?

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

THE anniversary of the Laman Street fig tree showdown may be a good point to reflect on what some of us were fighting for. Whether it's objecting to a V8 circus, an inappropriately tall light tower for touch footy or an inexplicable traffic alteration, all communities are expressing something similar. That is, local knowledge is far more valuable than any council officer can claim to possess. To retain some agency, however trivial, is worth the fight.

Scott Cooper-Johnston, Newcastle

CREDIT to the Newcastle Jets on Saturday for forming a guard of honour for the Jets W-league team who were playing for high stakes straight after the men’s game. It showed great respect to the women, and also showed what great camaraderie there is within the club, no small amount thanks to Ernie I'm sure. It was great to see so many players signing autographs and posing for selfies with fans while waiting for the W-league game to begin. After many lean years, it is great to walk away with a smile on your face!  Well done Jets. 

Ros Johns, New Lambton Heights 


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