Short Takes for February 7 2018

I AM the mechanic featured with a magpie in the winning entry by Chris Hohnke in your recent photography competition. Your article referred to Richard Holmes with “his” magpie. Readers may wish to know it is not “my” magpie, but a free, wild bird, which is what makes our connection so special. He flies up to me whether or not I have food.

Richard Holmes, Newcastle West

I OBSERVED in Saturday's Herald that plastic surgeon Jerry Schwartz has a plan for the derelict Newcastle Post Office. Given his profession, I suggest that he would be ideal.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah 

TRENT Hodkinson did a lot more for this city and our valley than play 40 games of rugby league for our Knights. He showed us humanity at its best when he escorted a terminally ill teenage girl to her school formal. We salute you.

Mark Porter, New Lambton

THREE bus stops in Hamilton North’s Clyde Street which directly service over a dozen small businesses including the fabulous Lifeline op shop, plus the Chin Chen Street entrance to Hunter TAFE, have been closed. The bus has been re-routed to Boreas Road, adding a 10-minute walk to any of the Clyde Street users. Boreas Road is a suburban street which skirts Smith Reserve, used by hundreds of young children attending sports activities seven days a week. They now have the additional danger of large buses to navigate when crossing the road. What do you call a bus "service" that no longer runs on Clyde Street, where people actually want to go, compared with that which runs on a suburban street? Not public transport, not a bus "service", but a dud.

Ellen Bea, Hamilton North

I BLINKED and our PM had become Trump.  It is proposed that taxpayers’ funds be spent to help defence export industries that thrive on wars overseas.  It sounds like we are living in the United States.

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

THE PM says public servants responsible for the confidential files disclosure should be sacked, but I think they should be applauded for allowing us to see our leaders for what they really are. We are their employers, we pay their wages, and still they keep all these secrets from us. Have the guts to tell us your plans and let us say yes or no.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

YES Pat (Cartoon, Herald 5/2). I have always believed that we all must be British citizens because our head of state is the Monarch. Maybe the composers of the Constitution must have meant citizenship apart from British?

Donald Mennie, The Entrance


WHICH name do you prefer?

Newcastle Hotel 51%, Gateway Hotel 49% 

WILL you use Newcastle City Council’s new My Local Services app?

Yes 68%, No 32%

SHOULD Blue Gum Hills Men’s Shed move into the old Wallsend fire station?

Yes 89%, No 11%


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