Short Takes for Thursday February 8 2018

I TOTALLY agree with Ros Johns (Short Takes, 6/2), the feeling of respect and camaraderie at the Jets at the moment is so refreshing, and so is the winning feeling! I'm sure not only Ernie is driving this but kudos must go to Lawrie McKinna also. As for the comment by Sinead Francis-Coen (Letters, 6/2) that only women journalists should cover a story on sexism against women, how sexist! I say if the girls enjoy dancing and performing for Pete's sake let them do it. I reckon Jen Hawkins has done okay since she was a Knights cheerleader.

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

THERE is justified concern regarding beach erosion at Stockton. This has been a regular occurrence over the years, in fact my wife, who regularly stayed with relatives at Stockton years ago, can recall seeing waves crossing the road and into adjoining properties. Let’s face it Stockton is only a few metres above sea level, and God forbid, a tidal wave could cause harm of catastrophic proportions. Stockton is a lovely place and Dowling's have a very successful real estate office there but I for one prefer to live elsewhere.

Gary Dowling, Hamilton

ANNE Phillips (Short Takes, 6/2): If I am going down the highway at night doing 110km/h and Skippy jumps into my headlights, I have a choice simple choice. I can swerve and risk the lives of my family or hit poor Skip. Sorry, but hitting Skippy it is.       

Geoff Dawson, Whitebridge

ANNE Phillips, you forgot to mention the human casualties and millions of dollars in insurance claims caused by these feral animals that haven't the brain matter to get out of the way. We should have refrigerated trucks collecting these carcasses which then in turn could be turned into pet mince. I'm sure my bulldog wouldn't mind a bit of ’roo to chew on.

Brad Hill, Singleton

IN reply to Glen Humphries (“Once upon a time, the phone book was useful”, Opinion 6/2): you can ask for the phone book not to be delivered.

Sue Fower, Waratah

SORRY Keith Parsons (Letters 3/2), your earlier letter stated: "The boom is being experienced in other cities as well, including Wollongong and Lake Macquarie. No interchanges there." I just thought I would clarify that Lake Macquarie does in fact have an interchange at Glendale, albeit with only a third of its proposed design complete to date. As a local resident I eagerly anticipate its full completion.

Jodie Shafie, Edgeworth

JUST wondering how the government can find untold hundreds of billions of dollars, blowing out all the time with no questions asked, for war machines that when ready (if ever) could immediately be made redundant by what will dominate the next big war: cyber warfare. But when it comes to educating their upcoming generation, or caring for the sick and disabled, or even something as silly as securing their future food and water, they haven’t got the money. It simply doesn’t add up to me.

Allan Earl, Thornton