Short Takes for Friday, February 9, 2018

I HEARD a massive amount of laughter from a little park behind Merewether fire station today. I hope Newcastle City Council expands the play gym to other parks. Great work.

Michael Casey, Merewether

I KEEP reading about new Alzheimer's tests. I would suggest one of the best is free-to-air television. If anyone in the room says “how many times is this station going to repeat this program?” then they don't have a problem.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

I AM disgusted by the actions of Liberal senator Jim Molan for sharing anti-Islam videos showing attacks on Muslims in the UK. I can assure you that such videos can act as a catalyst to provoke perpetrators, and a chain reaction of copycats can start here in Australia as well. Having a first-hand experience of government sponsored religious persecution in Pakistan, I urge my fellow Australians to condemn the senator's action. Government is responsible for the safety and security of every member of the society regardless of religion, colour, creed or race. It is inappropriate and unethical for officials to take sides on controversial issues or promote indecency and violence. Such actions must not find shelter under freedom of speech, but rather be condemned for creating unrest in the society. 

Usman Mahood, South Bowenfels

WHO would have thought that all the traffic that heads over the Maitland station flyover in the morning would all return in the opposite direction in the afternoon? It's simply astonishing. Maybe, just maybe, and this is an absolute long shot, that flyover should have been built in both directions. Crazy idea, I know.

Troy Watson, Gillieston Heights

WASN’T it the then lord mayor Jeff McCloy who wanted Newcastle’s light rail to run down Hunter Street and not down the heavy rail line? Perhaps he has some ideas now to help the businesses that are struggling due to the light rail construction around Hunter Street.

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

EMPLOYERS can legally lock their workers out of a site, but employees can’t legally withdraw labour. No strikes. Not good. Time for a revolution, bring back Bob Hawke.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

REGARDING the story of Paul Carter joining the Cessnock Goannas for the upcoming season (‘Redemption’, Newcastle Herald, 7/2): what a gun player. Hopefully he has himself sorted. Don’t waste your talent, mate. When you realise it will be too late. All the best.

Dean Radburn, Elermore Vale

I HATE to say this but I think no matter which government is in power, Liberal or Labor, the people in the red zone are going to be screwed, unless we all stand up and say enough is enough (‘Jury out on toxins: banks’, Herald, 8/2).

Christopher Hannah, Mayfield West


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