Short Takes for Saturday, February 10, 2018

I STILL can't believe nothing is being done to help these families at Williamtown. It's an absolute joke. 

Virginia Neighbour, Cooks Hill

REGARDING the Williamtown push for compensation, don’t forget the Tourism Australia ad that played in the Super Bowl and cost $36 million. Meanwhile, these people don’t get compensated.

Lori Phillips, New Lambton

IT’S not gay marriage, it’s just marriage. We went through the ridiculous fiasco for some equality. The gender of those involved no longer matters.

Lee Scott, Greta

I’M sorry but I’m finding it hard to understand why so many people are defending this (‘Mobile and swiping, it’s just not on’, Herald, 9/2) and saying it is okay to use a mobile in your car? Get off it. It only takes two seconds to lose concentration and kill an innocent person.

Dylan McPhail Thornton

IN regard to the Broadmeadow concepts (‘Showtime’, Herald, 9/2), all I see is cheap, trendy box housing sold at ridiculous pricing at the expense of community open space loss. Trending ... concrete everywhere.

Brendan Mackay, Warners Bay

EVERY other month there is tree trimming in our streets to clear branches from power lines. It leaves trees structurally unbalanced and looks really odd. Surely trimming costs add up enough over the years to rid all suburbs of ugly and dangerous above ground power lines? Street trees are very important and play a role that is not just aesthetics. They significantly help mitigate us from heat island effects for a start. Suggesting just the immediate resident benefits is also not right. Everyone benefits.

Christopher Pomfret, Cooks Hill

I CAN’T remember the last time we had a one-punch death or glassing in Newcastle. Maybe it’s because these laws are working and shock horror, not one pub has closed due to these laws, as AHA predicted.

Charles Swartz, Lambton

Got to agree with you Greg Hunt (Short Takes, 8/2). It’s great to see a Newcastle footy side doing so well (I wish it was the Knights) but mate, where are the fans? Last home game was at a family friendly 5.30pm, Saturday, the weather was great, your team not only winning but playing an exciting style, but less than 12,000 fans. As for your sexism remark, again yes, the suggestion that only a female reporter should report on sexism reminds me of the furore when Debbie Spillane kicked down the door to the NRL change room all those years ago.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth


WHAT do you think of dwp's vision for Broadmeadow?

Great, 40%, Good start but needs work, 26%, Don’t like it, 13%, Concerned about private sector involvement 12%, Uncertain 7%, Other 2%

SHOULD Council Street residents have to foot the bill for underground wires? 

No 70%, Yes 30%


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