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FOCUS: What essentially needs your attention?

FOCUS: What essentially needs your attention?

In his book Essentialism Greg McKeown tells the story of how, just a couple of hundred years ago, the word ‘priority’ meant the single most important thing. Then we messed with it and invented a word called ‘priorities’, which as we now know means lots of most important things.

If you could do just one thing today, what would it be? Would you be able to discern the single most important thing to focus on today? McKeown calls that essentialism. Our lives would be better - more productive, more focused and calm - if we were able to identify only the essential things to do. Being disciplined to focus, not on everything you are expected to do or feel pressure to do, but just the most important things that take you towards your vision. Be a better leader by setting the example for your people of knowing what are the essential things that you need to focus on, and say no to the rest.

Greg Mowbray is a leadership speaker, author, mentor and consultant.