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Health practitioners suggest we aim to take 10 000 steps every day. In fact the message has been part of a huge drive in recent to increase activity among Australians, stave off disease and fight obesity.

Achieving this magic number is not always easy, particularly if you have a sedentary job or find that you drive a lot. Pressing deadlines or inclement weather can keep us pinned to our desks with a promise to “do it tomorrow”, that often never comes.

Stay motivated in your quest to maintain a healthy body weight and keep moving.

Give yourself a smaller task to take 250 steps in each hour. While this sounds like a lot, it could be no more than a trip to the water-cooler or around the office. 

Fitness trackers are designed to count steps for us or there are applications on most phones that can do the job.

Start small and promise yourself, starting this week that one day of the week you will reach that 10 000 step goal.  Your body and your mind, will thank you and you will notice a difference.

Keep it up and the chances are you will quickly begin to see the positive effects of regular activity. Try walking with a friend or join a workplace challenge to stay motivated.

There are so many ways that walking can benefit you, from taking time out of your schedule to clear your head and take in some fresh air, enjoying the social aspect of walking with friends, to increasing your cardiovascular fitness, now is the time to take the first step to a new you.