Short Takes for Tuesday February 13 2018

NOW I've seen it all.  Observed a young male motorcyclist proceeding slowly up King Street Shortland in the middle of the road, texting on his phone in his right hand. Fortunately there was no other traffic on the road at the time.

Yvonne Pacey, Shortland

JEFFREY Neave (“An untold story of a ground at Cardiff”, Topics 10/2), what a great story about your wonderful grandfather. What a great man and unfortunately our councils have lost their family feel and compassion for the hard working volunteer. It's all about the money now. Newcastle Council has been like this for a long time, but sadly Lake Macquarie Council is getting like this as well. In my view the only way to describe it is "arrogant ".

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

A MATE had a problem with a dog owner who would let his dog poo on his front lawn and not pick it up. Having just had their first child I suggested saving the dirty nappies and dumping them on the offenders lawn when he found out who was responsible. He found out where the culprit lived and dumped a bin full of nappies with note attached on the veranda. It said “My son is going to get a lot bigger than your dog so clean up after the mutt please.” Old mate never walked the dog in the street from that day. Problem solved.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

REGARDING the Port Stephens story (“Councillors offered $7700 director course”, Herald 12/2) should have this training available to them when they first undertake work with the government. I doubt it’s a good use of taxpayer funds. They should foot the bill themselves and have the opportunity to claim it on a yearly tax return.

Alan Ross, Cardiff

THIS Port Stephens councillor training (“Councillors offered $7700 director course”, Herald 12/2) is a good idea, but you’d hope most lessons would be self-evident

Ryan Pattison, Hornsby

WHY would we be training councillors to be company directors (“Councillors offered $7700 director course”, Herald 12/2)? When did councils become companies?

William Olive, Charlestown

AS a member, it's sad to see the closure of Belmont Sporties (“Ongoing losses force Sporties Club closure”, Herald 9/12). Over the years it's been a club which has provided great support to grassroots sport in the Belmont area. Maybe smaller clubs like this might have been in a better financial position if the Carr government hadn't given poker machines to pubs.

Peter C Jones, Rathmines


HOW much is acceptable to spend on councillor training?

Nothing 42%, Less than $5000 24%, As much as needed 20%, More than $5000 14%

Yes 88%, No 8%, Unsure 12%

SHOULD more be done for farmers?

Yes 88%, No 12%


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