From childhood friends to married with kids, a Belmont North couple reflects on Valentine's Day

JASON and Prue Kidd were friends first, and lovers later.

Much later.

When they were toddlers, their fathers had bonded over a mutual love of golf.

It meant the Belmont North couple ended up spending most weekends together in Bega, where they grew up. There are pictures of them in each other’s family albums as youngsters, often sharing a bath.

“We were childhood friends, and we went to primary school together,” Jason Kidd, 34, said. “Prue was in the year below me.”

But, as they grew older and matured into adults, things began to change.

Steamy glances were exchanged over a few drinks at the Bega RSL club one night, and love blossomed.

“It was super classy,” Mr Kidd laughed. “A lot of Prue’s friends had just assumed I was gay, because I waited so long to make a move. But because I’d known her for such a long time, I wanted to make sure it was the right call. We didn’t want to ruin the friendship if the relationship went sour.”

They plan to toast their relationship with some chocolates and wine on Valentine’s Day, while they reflect on their life together so far.

Mr Kidd said they had been together for about nine months when they found out they were pregnant with their daughter, Laila.

“I was 21. Prue was 20,” he said. “My dad was a little bit concerned – he thought I was a bit young. My mum was pretty happy – she got her first grandchild.

“Eli came along a couple of years later, too.

“We did have our troubles, we went through a rough patch for a little while, but we got through it.”

The Kidds will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on March 1.