Short Takes for Wednesday February 14 2018

THANK you for doing the story on the Hunter Valley farmers (“Dust and despair as drought tightens grip”, Herald 10/2). It is so dry, as they say, we need rain. So many trucks loaded with hay and water roam up and down the highway, not to mention cattle trucks of all origin going to the saleyards. What are our councils and government doing to help? I think they need a boot up the backside. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Let them know what’s happening in the big city too.

Edward Mason, Scone

SO the Roman Catholic Church is worth billions in this country, and that would be a fraction of its global wealth. What would the founder of Christianity think? Given his warnings about the dangers of riches I suspect he would not be impressed. How far removed is all of this from the simple life and teachings of the Nazarene carpenter? Given its astronomical wealth and abuse of children, it’s no wonder people are leaving and treating the Church as a joke.

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend

THANKS Jeff Corbett, for your opinion piece in Saturday’s Herald (“Making tough decisions”, Opinion 10/2). I haven’t laughed so hard and long in ages. As the old saying goes "Happy wife, happy life."

Jo Coombes, Mayfield West

PAMELA Lindus, so what if commuting times are increasing (Letters 12/2)? For Newcastle is a "smart city". Our state governments seem bent on applying the Sydney transport experience. No transport plan is the failed policy of more than 70 years now. Tragically, Newcastle was the Australian city that could have reaped desirable 21st century benefits in abundance.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

SO Malcolm Turnbull wants to give big business a tax cut but won’t give states the increased funding they have requested for public hospitals. The priorities of a PM who is an ex-merchant banker.

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

CREDIT where credit is due. The LNP have been creating new jobs. It seems they have been for Barnaby Joyce’s new girlfriend.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

I READ Gary Dowling’s Short Take regarding Stockton being wiped out with tidal wave (Short Takes, 8/2). He’s happy to sell houses there, but wouldn’t live there himself. Interesting.

John Keen, Gateshead


WHAT should happen to combat petty crime in Wallsend?

More police 25%, harsher penalties 20%, both 52%, neither 3%

SHOULD Hamilton buses go down Beaumont Street under the new bus network?

Yes 77%, No 23%


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