Advertising feature: In home care

CARING: Clients of Maroba can enjoy a variety of activities and social opportunities with the Maroba community.
CARING: Clients of Maroba can enjoy a variety of activities and social opportunities with the Maroba community.

It’s not hard to detect the passion for aged care that Tracy Walker has.

Having spent 26 years working in various streams of aged care services she is proud to be in the throws of managing a new service for Maroba, a Waratah based Aged Care provider, adding community services to their range of existing residential and retirement living options.

Maroba was established in 1954, driven by love and a dream to enable older people to live full and happy lives within the heart of the community.

“Our whole philosophy at Maroba is to get out into the community and enable aged people to enjoy life, stay connected and if they choose, live as independently as they wish without sacrificing social opportunities,” begins Tracy Walker.

Maroba Wellness programs launched early this year are aimed at engaging clients in healthy living.

“We have a gym on site, as well as day spa, a hairdresser and a range of social activities including stay for the day.

“We believe in exceeding our clients expectations by providing ways for them to enjoy their interests or try new ones and stay active well into their later years.

“It’s a process that is completely focused on each individual client and making sure they live the best possible life they can.  

“Knowing that I can positively contribute to the ageing community and make a difference to these people, it is really the best of part of my job”

The proposed home care programs are set to roll out in May this year.

The programs will provide a means for the ageing community to stay at home, yet receive assistance with any of life’s day to day activities whilst connecting with others.

 These services may include help around the home, meal preparation, companionship, transportation to appointments, shopping or co-ordination of trade services to the home.

With more and more seniors choosing to stay at home, Maroba continues to develop its services through a series of focus groups designed to get feedback and really listen to the changing needs of the ageing communities they service.

“It’s great to be part of an organisation that is flexible in it’s thinking - it’s essential to be adaptable and respond to changes in clients’ needs,” continues Tracy.

“We have quickly seen that the greatest need for older people staying at home is to keep connected with people and their community, after all interaction with others is how we all thrive.”

To find out more contact Maroba, call: 02 4935 0300, visit: or why not head to the open day on February 22 to experience the great service and opportunities that Maroba offer.