Jackie Gillies to channel the spirit of Princess Diana on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Psychic Jackie Gillies is hoping she’ll get a chance to channel the spirit of Princess Diana.

For those who don’t know, Jackie is starring on the Channel 10 show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The wife of Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies was chuffed that Princess Di’s former butler Paul Burrell had joined the show and was full of stories about the royals.

“I loved Princess Diana and he [Paul] was so close to her,” Jackie said on the show.

“Paul used to be Princess Diana’s personal, private confidante.

“I’d love to do a psychic reading [of Paul] and have her come through.”

Show hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown were all over this.

“Do you reckon she wants to do a psychic reading on Paul?” Julia asked Chris.

“Do you reckon they’ll talk about Diana?” 

Chris replied: “It might come up”.

“What message do you reckon Diana would send to Paul?” Julia joked.

“I reckon she would send [the message] ‘can you stop talking about me?’.” 

Psychic Powers

Already on the show, Jackie has channelled Charlotte Dawson – a television personality who took her own life in 2014. 

Jackie gave a psychic reading to co-star and model Simone Holtznagel, who said Charlotte had been “one of my best friends”.

Jackie told Simone: “She’s come to you in a dream, times 10”.

“She says you are her little sister, that is how she views you. And she is telling me to tell you not to cry. She knows how much you miss her. She says she doesn’t want to see you crying in the bed anymore.”

Gillies added: “She’s also showing me her lingerie.”

Holtznagel responded, with a laugh: “Because I’ve got heaps of her underwear. Her sisters gave it to me and Maddie [Huett].”

Simone was on a high after the reading, saying she felt “a million times lighter”.

“I feel like I’m floating,” she said.

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Stairway to Heaven 

Speaking of the supernatural, we saw a movie last week titled Heaven is for Real.

It’s (apparently) a true story about a four-year-old from Nebraska named Colton Burpo.

Colton had a near-death experience while in surgery for a burst appendix.

He later told his family that he went to heaven during the operation. He also claimed he left his body and saw his dad getting angry at God in the hospital chapel. He said he saw his mum crying on the phone in the waiting room.

Colton also said he met his great-grandfather in heaven, along with Jesus.

He also saw a sister who died in the womb. This was a tad weird because his parents say they never told Colton about her.

Now it’s easy to be sceptical about these things, particularly when Colton's father is a pastor. Psychologists and the scientific world would say it was simply the brain playing tricks on young Colton.

Nevertheless, we’d love to hear from any Hunter folks who’ve had a near-death experience.

Did you see the famous white light? Did you see the other side?

Or was it all a big void of nothingness? 

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