Focused on all the top moves

F45 Training is team-based training that focuses on a range of functional movements using a data-base of over 1000 moves to ensure the classes are constantly developing and never the same.

“The range of programs will help increase muscular strength and endurance, stability and co-ordination along with a lot of core work,” F45 director Jordan Nisbett said.

“F45 is also great for loosing weight and shedding fat through high intensity classes and through the EPOC effect, which is how many calories your body continues to burn after the workout.”

Jordan said F45 training is great for mental health and can also be great to help reduce stress levels and improve mood in general.

“F45 provides  benefits that can help reduce anxiety, depression and stress levels, and is a great team environment that can help people who are nervous about where to start their fitness journey,” he said. 

The majority of F45 clients are women 25 to 40 year’s old, but Jordan said customers span all ages.

“Our oldest client is a 66-year-old man,” he said.

All F45 classes have at least two qualified PTs in attendance which means they can tailor the workout for almost anybody.

“We have members who are incredibly fit and also members who are just getting back in training,” Jordan said.

“All you need to get involved is a towel and a water bottle.”

F45 has studios in Newcastle CBD, Warners Bay, Wallsend and Toronto with classes at different times – check their sites for details.