Short Takes February 16 2018

AFTER Wednesday's traffic meltdown following an accident the previous evening (“Lanes reopen after crane rollover on Hexham bridge”, Herald 14/2), with the loss to businesses and basically chaos to everyone involved in travelling via Hexham, am I the only person thinking we need to aggressively revisit the thought of a second Hunter River crossing to Tomago somewhere near Sandgate, or further south of Hexham bridge? Tomago is a hive of activity. Or is this on the list of many missing links in Newcastle's traffic and transport infrastructure?

Craig Morris, Speers Point

I don’t think Australia could be given as the definition of a smart country when a river system that is polluted and dying is being argued over with claims over who gets how much of the putrid remaining trickle that has to service four states, but there’s not a word about how to get more water to it and bring it back to life.

Allan Earl, Thornton

A NOTE to commercial TV. Will you please refrain from advising us that certain sporting events are ‘live and free’? We know they are free; you are a free-to-air TV station.

Alan Kendall, Neath

VIC Austin (Letters 14/2) speaks about Christian faith being based on myths.  I can't recall the last time the waters parted for me, or when a burning bush spoke to me.  It must be only those with faith that this happens to. 

Graeme Bennett, Warners Bay 

MR Joyce should resign from the coalition and stand as an independent. The result would be a resounding victory for Big Barney.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I REMEMBER, in bygone days, when the news about our pollies made headlines it usually ended up as fish and chip wrapping.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

IN reply to Vic Austin (Letters 14/2). In my opinion, and little doubt many others’, if people stopped believing in religion and all the fictitious gods and myths the World might be a better place.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

LIAM Phelan (Letters 13/2) not only men of power should be held accountable, but everyone in those positions. Let's not make this all about the male species. Men may be worse than women, but be equal.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

I HAVE been out most of today, heard much about Valentines Day and Barnaby capers, but no mention of 14th February 1966 or decimal currency in the paper, on radio or TV. Am I so far out of touch?

Chris Charlton, Redhead

VERY sad that Macka’s Sand gets flogged by the EPA for something they may or may not have been aware of (“City waste up freeway to Macka’s”, Herald 13/2) and the people in the PFAS area of Williamtown are getting flogged by a government for something the government knew about well before the residents did. Go figure.

Tony Morley, Waratah


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