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Physiotherapist Fiona Johnson and chiropractor Dr Jason Geres are building bridges to help patients get better results
Physiotherapist Fiona Johnson and chiropractor Dr Jason Geres are building bridges to help patients get better results

Something revolutionary in health care is happening in Warners Bay.   For the first time in the Hunter, 3 health professions that are usually at war are coming together for the benefit of their patients.

Dr Jason Geres, chiropractor and founder of Oasis Health Centre has long adopted a holistic approach to the health of his patients and believes that if barriers between health professionals and orthodox practitioners were removed a more collaborative way of working will emerge, benefiting the community.

“This cooperative approach to health has long been the norm in countries like Denmark, Canada, USA and Italy. " says Dr Geres.  "It's time for it to start here."

In late March, Oasis Health Centre will be adding a physiotherapist and general practitioner to its current services, aiming to provide customers with comprehensive healthcare options in addition to chiro and yoga.

“Our whole purpose is to help people to move better. There is a pandemic of inactivity in our society, largely attributed to desk work and mobile phones. All 4 major chronic illnesses are caused by a lack of movement and exercise.”

“I believe this is a first for the Hunter and will enable clients to benefit from a cross section of professionals that work to achieve the best outcome for everyone, regardless of their condition.”

While he acknowledges that there has long been a level of animosity between professions, he believes it’s time to that experts cooperated with one another.

"Most of  my patients eventually ask me why didn't my doctor tell me about this?  That is sad. Chiropractic has mountains of research to validate it, and over 100 years of helping people in spite of other professions trying to eradicate it.  Chiropractors are university trained, licensed and insured by all major health funds.  "

“As good as chiropractic is, I realised that if I brought other professionals on board with different skill sets, we could provide even better results. Our focus is to help people get their health back.  Be truly healthy. We want to help people move more and move better as an absolute requisite for optimal health.” 

Having practiced for 23 years, there’s not much that Geres hasn’t seen, yet his greatest concern is our inactivity and the impact of that inactivity as it leads to higher levels of disease the more we use use technology.

“Chiropractic care isn’t about back pain, it’s about enabling normal motion in the spine to enable the nervous system to work properly. abnormal spinal motion and posture often present as neck pain, headaches, hip and back pain.”

Oasis Health Centre will be offering bulk billed GP appointments, Physio services and the usual Chiropractic care and Yoga programs.