Newcastle's Amy Vee is daring to dream of Ellis Avenue recordings after making final ten in the Studios 301 All Access competition | video

FINAL TEN: Amy Vee is flying the Newy flag after being name in the final 10 for the Studios 301 All Access competition. Picture:
FINAL TEN: Amy Vee is flying the Newy flag after being name in the final 10 for the Studios 301 All Access competition. Picture:

Fresh off the back of a number of singles releases, Amy Vee is now in the running to record at one of the most prestigious studios in the country.

A two-day booking at Studios 301 is the grand prize of the All Access competition, alongside a $15,000 ‘kitty’ for marketing purposes after the recording, mixing and mastering package.

The Ellis Avenue studio is incentive enough for Newcastle’s Vee, but she admitted the “popularity contest style of competition” meant she’d “returned to the basics in sharing her music and art”.

“It’s all pretty exciting, just the idea of getting those two days in the studio is such a massive thing for me, especially considering I’m unsigned so I wouldn’t normally have that kind of support,” she said.

“The fact that I’m out speaking to people and asking them to ‘like’ and ‘share’ my Facebook post means I get into long conversations with them, and I’m speaking about my music and getting back to my roots when I share – in person – what I’m writing and making.

“It’s pretty special to get back to that.”

Vee has put her “thinking cap” on about what she would do if she took out the top spot in the competition as well, even if she’s a little nervous about ‘counting her eggs before they’ve hatched’.

“One of my friends, a local guy named Gareth Hudson, was speaking to me about new music and we’ve been demoing some stuff and we thought about how we could use those two days and optimise that,” she said.

“Being the kind of space that it is, and what kind of equipment they have, we were thinking about drums, orchestral instruments and things that would really take advantage of that space. Out of that we’d love to get a new release.”

Amy Vee performing live.

Amy Vee performing live.

Hopes and plans aside, Vee is crossing her fingers and asking anyone who “loves Newy music” to get behind her and the “once in a lifetime chance”.

“I’m the only Newcastle entry in the last ten, and that works for me because we have such a great, supportive music community with lots of fans here,” she said.

“Everyone [in town] has seemed to rally behind it really quickly, we are great at supporting our own. I’ve been able to call on Newcastle people, so it’s great in that sense, people have been talking to me about getting behind me and it just makes me feel great about it all.”

To vote for Amy Vee head online to her Facebook page – – where the pinned post contains voting information. The All Access competition voting closes on March 9.