Police on hunt as hooded thief tries to rob Stockton newsagent

FOILED: A man attempted to rob Stockton Newsagency.
FOILED: A man attempted to rob Stockton Newsagency.

POLICE are on the hunt for a hooded bandit who attempted to rob the Stockton newsagency on Monday morning.

The thief entered the Mitchell Street newsagency shortly before 6am and demanded money.

However, the newsagent, George Taiva, had other plans.

“A bloke came in with a hoodie over his face, slammed a bag over the counter and wanted money,” he said.

“I said no.”

Mr Taiva retrieved a steel rod that he keeps at the back of the newsagency.

“I grabbed that and told him my club was bigger than his,” he said.

“I chased him out and he ran down a side street.

“It was fairly unexpected.”

The newsagent said it was lucky no one was hurt given there was a customer in the store at the time.

Inside the bag was a knife, Mr Taiva said.

Anyone with information should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Newcastle City police on 4929 0999.