Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, March 1, 2018

THE latest zany proposal from President Trump (teachers to be armed) raises some potential revolutionary practices for schools. Armed teachers would no longer have disciplinary problems. Petrified students dare not talk in class, or fail to submit their homework. No more litter in playgrounds, lateness no longer tolerated, the list goes on! Cartoonists should have a field day with this novel suggestion from Planet America.

Kevin McDonald, East Seaham

IN reply to Craig Budden (Short Takes, 27/2). It appears Capetown in South Africa will be turning off water supplies and rationing by July. How can this happen? There's cities in places like Saudi Arabia, that are situated virtually in the middle of the desert, which have no water restrictions at all.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

MASSIVE insult to the intelligence of the human race – Mulletfest. All hairdressers of Newcastle please save Kurri and donate one day of free hair cuts.

Michael Casey, Merewether

SANDY Buchanan (Letters, 26/2) can you substantiate your suggestion Return and Earn is a 'recycling' scheme? It's a bottle and can refund scheme for select containers. No criticism of you Sandy but the state government is supposedly running this as a litter reduction scheme. The first indications of its impact should come this weekend during Clean Up Australia Day.

Garry Blair, Maitland

MELVILLE  Brauer if you think there's "nothing worse" than dealing with a female with tattoos on their arms and legs when doing your banking (Letters, 22/2), then I have two questions for you: 1. How does anyone's tattoos impair their ability to carry out your transaction even one iota? 2. How were you even able to access Jeff Corbett's article on tattoos from February 2018 while you're still stuck in the 1950s?

Adz Carter, Newcastle

ON the subject of Barnaby Joyce: The only Barnaby I really admire is the one in Midsomer Murders.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

THE Newcastle Herald reports what tourism chief says Newcastle must do next, (‘On the map’. Herald, 24/2). For all Newcastle offers, Mr Creedon says nothing about getting Newcastle back on global Sydney's train network. And replacing services averaging third world 65km/h, with frequent, real intercities. Mr Creedon's praise shows our city is more than worthy of strong railway infrastructure connection with Sydney.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

RICHARD Ryan wrote that he wants to see the back end of the union jack on our flag when we again try to have change to a republic (Letters, 26/2). Well Richard only do-gooders, greenies and Labor are pushing that so I think you will be waiting a long time. My suggestion is: If you don’t like It you could pack up and move on.

Raymond Grainger, Valentine


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