Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

REGARDING Scott Cooper-Johnston’s ‘some residents don’t want to face the music’ (Letters, 2/3): that’s where a lot of the problems are. Venues that have been around for a long time are now getting complaints about the noise from the music from people who have moved into the area. Surely they knew that these places existed before they moved in.

Mark Creek, Adamstown

BARNABY Joyce lashes out at the ghoulish media, for shining the spotlight on him, and the unborn child. For the record, most people born here are born out of wedlock. Hence we are a nation of bastards. So cheer up you old bastards. Imagine if we did not have the media, we could live in peace and harmony, and no one would know anything. 

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

ERNIE Merrick has a nice smile. Well done Newcastle Jets for beating Sydney with only 10 men. You are legends of the game.

Sue Burrough, Carey Bay

I WONDER when Dorothy Pinder (Letters, 5/3) is going to volunteer her knowledge at the information centre – although the airport transfers information has been in the noticeboard at the front of the building for several months.

Bill Storer, Charlestown

WELL Wal Remington  (Letters, 6/3) I hope you are happy, I was driving into Lachlan Street, Windale, Saturday when this unearthly noise went over the top of me, thought it was an enemy jet, frightened the crap out of me, turns out it was you with your ‘yippee’ for the Jets second goal! Thanks for that. Go Jets, go Knights!

Kevin Miller, Windale

VARLEY’S handover of the first two units for the F-35 strike fighter (‘Varley predicts export boost’, Newcastle Herald, 6/3). Great news, if only they can get one to actually fly and stay in the air without bits falling off, and fix it so it actually can be flown when it rains. The name should be changed to Howard’s Folly.

Brian Crooks, Scone

SPOT on Dorothy Pinder (Letters, 5/3). Newcastle’s so-called tourist information centre is ridiculous and infuriating. I suggest keeping the space around vacant harbour land opposite the old School of Arts building at Wickham. Add a modern extension, set aside room for parking caravans and buses and there you have it. Gateway to the city, close to transport. If the new ferry stop happens at Wickham and when the overseas terminal happen then this building, where Henry Lawson educated himself, will be perfectly placed.

Suzanne Weller, Fullerton Cove


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